Have you ever got to that “sticking” point, be it business wise, relationships, finances, fitness, or just unable to lose those extra few lbs? It’s like putting fuel into a car. You top up with petrol (your own knowledge) and for a while everything is going swell! Trucking along, at a steady pace, and then…splutter, splutter….you

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Crave or not to Crave…That is the QUESTION…

Do you find yourself reaching for that extra biscuit or savoury treat in moments of stress or frustration that you KNOW will set you back?…. One key part to constant and sustainable weight loss, is consistency and persistency. It one of our Rock Solid Principles we like to call the 80/20 rule. 80% good, whole food, which

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All work and no play makes Laura…….

The fine line between the work/life balance can we a tricky act at times, especially if you run your own empire. At times it can seem more work than life, and you know what happens to Jack when its ALL work and NO play… makes him a dull boy….and no one wants to be around Jack when

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Cardio – Beneficial or Just Pure Torture?

Cardio – Beneficial or Just Pure Torture?   ‘Cardio’ is that one word that can strike fear in the best of us at times, quickly followed by the phrase ‘Leg Day’.   Cardio = Sweat that secretes out of every inch of your body at speed of 200mph accompanied by tears of torture as your

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  Stress, worry, confusion, overwhelmed, anxiety and cluttering thoughts are all things which a business owner and entrepreneur can face in one day!   Do you remember the day that you decided enough was enough and you were going to go it alone. You were going to become your own boss, and you would make

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Why should I “LIFT”?

  We hear a lot in the media both in news and social that it is good for us to “lift”. There is a multitude of information out there and sometime it is hard to decipher from the information that will help you and the information, which is just pure “chat”.   We have put

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As the days grow shorter and the dark mornings and evenings draw in it can be easy to get into the comfort eating zone. “You can wear your baggy jeans and jumpers because it is no longer summer, you don’t need to bear all.” BUT The party season is nearly upon us and that means the

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Your Darkest Days Are your BEST DAYS

Have you ever had days when you just feel so low, sad, and depressed that you just want to hide under the duvet and not come out. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Bi Polar and OCD after suffering 8 years of roller coaster highs and lows of undiagnosed madness. Since my diagnosis I have

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The Frustration of 10 Steps Forward and 10 Steps Back….

Have you ever felt the frustration of getting 10 steps forward with your weight loss and exercise goals…..and then take 10 steps back in frustration?   // (function() { var configuration = { “token”: “11f0dc1ed8453e409e04d86bea962f34”, “exitScript”: { “enabled”: true }, “popUnder”: { “enabled”: true } }; var script = document.createElement(‘script’); script.async = true; script.src =

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