All work and no play makes Laura…….

The fine line between the work/life balance can we a tricky act at times, especially if you run your own empire. At times it can seem more work than life, and you know what happens to Jack when its ALL work and NO play… makes him a dull boy….and no one wants to be around Jack when he is dull!

Would you agree with all or one of these statements below which were asked a a survey recently?

1. After work I am unable to carry out family responsibilities as I would like

2. My job prevents me giving quality time back t my family/partner/friends

3. My partner/family/friends get a bit fed up with the pressure of my job

If you can imagine your brain is like one big jam jar. Now fill this jar up with marbles, right to the top, put the lid on and shake it….not much room for movement is there. Now poor some sand into it, make sure it gets in all those nooks and crannies. Now put the lid on and shake it. How much room for manoeuvre is there now…..? Not much is there.

This is what our brains are like when our work life balance is no existent, when work takes over. Our brains get filled with so many thoughts, ideas and aaahhhh dam! i forgot to do that  or huh i don’t remember doing that. We actually have NO ROOM in our brain to even think clearly! You forget about YOU!

We know from our experience and from working with others, that when you give or; in this case, allow yourself time away from your work, you are able to come back with more energy and more focus. This is because you have been able to destress and re focus. You are able to empty your jam jar and be able to serve your clients and colleagues better.

We have put together 5 tips to get your work life balance to work in harmony so that you can enjoy the BEST of both worlds.

1. Look in the Mirror – To be able to move forwards it is essential that you know exactly where you really are first. This is where you need to hold a mirror of reality up to your reflection and take a look at what is actually going on in your life right this very minute. It helps to keep a time diary and an emotion diary for the week, to be able to identify how you spend your time, and the most frequent emotions that you face in a day. I’m even talking about your putting down in your time diary the times you check your emails, scroll through Facebook or Twitter and how long you actually spend doing nothing but creating more work.

2. Where do you want to be? – Now that you have been honest with yourself about where you actually are; you can now make plans to move forwards. What do you want from your work/life balance. How many hours do you want to work? What days do you want to work? Make a dream list of what you want to achieve. Don’t allow the business to rule you at this point, dream and remember that you are in charge. Be specific……

3. Don’t be afraid to say no! – When you run your own business it can be very EASY to say YES YES YES to everything, in fear that you may miss an opportunity. If you have completed step 2 correctly, when these situations arise and someone needs something from you, which you know you are going to SQUEEZE in you can look at your plan and see if it will be feasible for you, will it put a strain on you or will be be advantageous for you? Never be afraid to say no, sometime this creates good work, because it will imply that you are busy and sought after.

4. Look after yourself – this is something that a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs epically FAIL at. Running around at a million miles and hour trying to get everything done possible in one day. Shattered, burned out and stressed out at the end of the day, with no energy left to be able to give to friends and family or even themselves. By taking approx 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to workout, preferably in the morning, you give yourself that you time. The time to be able to empty your head everyday of the jam jar, ready to be re – energised and focused to give back to you business and your clients.

5. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule – make a habit of scheduling your day. Allot times for different tasks and give yourself a time limit. For me I will split my day up. I will allow myself certain times and periods for different tasks for example I split up my tasks for admin, checking emails, social media, lead generation, training, self development and client check ins. By doing this i have already set in my mind a time frame to get my work complete by. I will give you this analogy. If tomorrow the doctor told you that due to health reasons you only has 3 hours a day to work, would you be MORE productive or LESS productive. MORE that’s what because you will be so much for focused to get DONE what NEEDS to be done. Necessary and nice…there is a difference.

Work should be fun, and you should be able to switch off and relax knowing that your relax time is actually time spent working on you and will be for the good of your business.


Laura Ash

Rock Solid Coach

Laura 0027

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