Have you ever got to that “sticking” point, be it business wise, relationships,

finances, fitness, or just unable to lose those extra few lbs?

It’s like putting fuel into a car. You top up with petrol (your own knowledge) and for a while everything is going swell! Trucking along, at a steady pace, and then…splutter, splutter….you come to a stand still….no fuel left in the tank… ask yourself

“How can do I move forward, keep the momentum?’

There are two options…..

1. You can push the car, force it to happen, struggle, moving 1 mm at a time, slowly and painfully.

2. OR you can borrow some fuel from someone else who can give you the extra bit of fuel, and, the power to accelerate forwards.

Whether you are an athlete, singer, actor, business person, or just someone who wants to better themselves, getting knowledge and accountability from someone else is something that can take you as a person to the next level.

Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Ben Afleck, Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton, Richard Branson, Serena Williams, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith….and US!! What do all these people have in common….coaches! They have all employed someone with more knowledge (fuel) than they have to take them to the next level.

In the past we have worked with vocal coaches, business coaches, body transformation coaches, mind set coaches, nutrition coaches, and fitness coaches. They have all enriched our own personal development which we have been able to pass down to our clients, friends and family. At the moment we have Glenn Bridges who is our business coach. He ensures that we push our limits and helps us to see the value in what we offer to our clients and helps us to take our business to the next level.

Sure you can achieve amazing things without a coach, you may get there a little slower…BUT the advantage of having a coach…you guessed it… will get there in half the time….like concord.

We have put together 5 reasons why having a coach in your life will help you to accelerate to your goals, give you more knowledge and enrich your life about your subject and yourself.

1. A coach will push you harder and further than you every dreamed you could on your own. Sometimes people don’t actually realise what they are capable of, and because of this they tend to stay in a “comfort zone”. A good coach will ALWAYS be pushing you to achieve better, and see the real potential inside you. Think of the saying – outside looking in….and you won’t be far off.

2. A coach will keep you accountable for your actions. You know exactly what I am talking about here……you start the week…with all good intentions of going to the gym every day, eating well, determined that this will be the start of your journey to a new you…then…BOOM…mid week stress hits and you throw in the towel quicker than a Cheetar on its prey. A coach will set you targets and goals with deadlines so that you will be more productive and successful. They will NOT let you off the hook with an excuse like “the dog ate my Fitbit!”

3. A coach will help you to break your limiting self beliefs, increase confidence in yourself and give you the support and reassurance when you need it. We can all be too hard on ourselves, I know we are at times, and we don’t see our true potential. A coach can see this in you and will encourage you to see it too.

4. Time is so important to all of us these days. Weeks go past which turn into months, which turn into years. Before you know it you are 5 years down the line, doing the same thing over and over again, and STILL expecting the SAME results…..ARE YOU MAD! A coach will SAVE you time, a necessary  evil! A coach will have a better knowledge base that you (at the moment), proven tactics and strategies that WORK. A coach will already have the answers (on tap) that you need asking, so you can then start to raise the bar on your game, ergo raising YOUR STANDARDS to the next level.

5. It is always an achievement to own or learn a new skill! something that gives us that “fist punch” moment. A coach will teach you a NEW set of skills, which can be incorporated into the your life. Something you can use and utilise for the rest of your life. What you will learn will not just benefit you in your fitness, your business or your relationships, or even your personal life. But it will also be a skill you can pass down to others. Think of your family, friends, partners and business colleagues, you will have the skill to teach them so that they too can lead a better and fulfilling lifestyle.

Barry Ash

Rock Solid Coach

Baz Sign off


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