Our Energised
Leadership program

Start to take back control of your life and powerfully create the life that you want to LIVE rather than the life that is being dictated to you!

Burnout and low energy levels are common struggles that many of our clients face.

We understand that it’s tough to admit that you’re feeling burnt out and struggling to keep up with the demands of your life. You might feel like it’s a sign of weakness or failure, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not. In fact, acknowledging that you need help is a sign of strength and courage.

You might have tried taking a holiday, letting certain things go, speaking to a therapist, or doing CBT and feeling a little bit better but you are still not where you want to be.

That’s because most of these are short-term fixes which are great but to obliterate real burnout you need long-term strategies to help MANAGE YOUR ENERGY.

And that’s something we can help with.

Introducing the

EL Program

This program will empower you to take control of your energy and transform your life!

Our Energised Leadership program is designed to help you break free from the cycle of burnout and regain your energy and passion for life. Our long-term strategies will teach you how to effectively manage your energy levels, giving you the tools and techniques you need to live a fulfilled and impactful life.

Introducing the EL Program

How would it feel to:

THIS IS what helps you

Energised Leadership is IDEAL for:

Some of our clients have had amazing
results like 

Starting a Uni Degree

Going back to work after being off for 1 year and being firm with their boundaries

Creating time for a passion to be on a college football committee

Taking a holiday after 26 years!!!!

Ditching an old job and starting a new business with their passion

Letting go of fear around their job and stepping into trust

Buying a new puppy to indulge in life!

Being able to say NO to peer pressure at work 

Making time for family and friends and connecting with them again

ALL of them who faced burnout and have come out the other side

Don't let burnout hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a more energized and fulfilling life with Energised Leadership.

Our program is not a quick fix – it’s a sustainable, long-term solution to your energy and burnout struggles. With Energised Leadership, you’ll learn how to manage your energy effectively, so you can pursue your passions and achieve your goals without sacrificing your health, career, or personal life.

What makes Energised Leadership
different from the rest?

Lifetime access to everything

Lifetime access to everything!

Once you have paid you stay for as long as you want! Why? Because we know that this can be a process. You will get back on your feet in no time but perhaps 1 year later you might need some support. We will be there waiting. There is no renewal fee you stay for life.

Weekly Group Calls

Weekly Group Calls

We provide weekly group calls where you can ask questions, share your wins AND listen to a topic presented by us LIVE from us to keep you on the path of leadership and living your life

Support and guidance

Support and guidance

We are here to support you the whole way and our inbox is always open to you if we need to we can jump on a call and talk anything through – we are never too far away

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We have created the course in such a way that you can identify which part of burnout you need to address and then move to that module to complete it and develop some powerful strategies around it

What will you get on the Enrgised Leadership Program?