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Transform Your Life With The 6 Pillars Of Health and Wellbeing

We understand that true health is a multifaceted journey. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive program centred around six key pillars of health and well-being. 

Our approach is designed to help you build “Rock Solid” foundations for a healthier, happier life

With a supportive community that inspires and motivates PLUS the exclusive online platform “The Hub” acting as your own Personal Wellness Resource Center your journey to “Rock Solid” health foundations is a definite!

How You Start Your


Dive into ‘The Hub’, your one-stop destination for resources that empower you to build and strengthen your health foundations.

It’s packed with diverse tools like workouts, meditations, recipes, and educational workshops, all crafted to support your journey in mastering our 6 pillars of health and well-being.

Alongside, our thriving community offers an enriching experience with monthly programs, daily check-ins, and live interactive sessions including ‘Feel Good Fridays’ and ‘Wednesday Wisdom’.

Participate in our Planning Power Hours for structured monthly planning, and don’t miss our SOS calls for personalised support when you need it most.

This blend of resources and community support is designed to inspire, educate, and motivate you on your path to a healthier, more balanced life.

The 6 Pillars

Our 6 pillars are the foundations that anyone needs to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Without them, your house of health will keep falling down. This is what you will be using


We don't know many people who function "happily" on little to no sleep; hence it all starts here.

If you have not had enough sleep and are well-rested, you will have an inability to be able to make the right decisions through the day with your food and how you handle the day emotionally. On top of that, you have zero energy for exercising and always have the excuse of “I’m tired” on hand.


Most of us are usually fuelling our day with caffeine and diet/fizzy drinks. Drinking water is something that's low on our list but water can help you to lose weight AND give you more energy if you drink enough of it


Once you have sleep and water ticked off, we can then look at Nutrition. Note we say Nutrition here and NOT food. It's all about how you nourish your body. There are 2 uses for food 1. to fuel our body and the other to enjoy. Looking at nourishment can change the ball game with how you see "food”. We don’t believe in restriction we believe in giving you the power to make the choices that are right for you.


Once you are well-rested, hydrated and nourished, then you can look at exercise. It’s going to be so much more enjoyable when the other things are ticked off. We want you to do exercise that is right for you! Not the beef neck in the gym or the cardio queen YOUR kind that's right for you and your body for whatever situation or circumstance you are in.

Thought Management

There will come to a point where you will need to understand your thoughts and how you tick. Getting to know your innermost tickings can really put you in control. Every action and reaction you make comes from a thought. The only two things we can control is which thoughts we pay attention to and how we react to them.

De Stress Me Time

We spend so much of our time rushing here and there and never give ourselves time to just chill. Our minds and our bodies NEED this downtime, without GUILT! It's essential for us and for our health and wellbeing we encourage lots of this!

Let's talk about the community and the hub

Lifetime access to everything

Supportive Community

Engage with fellow members through our diverse monthly programs, designed to keep you on track with your goals. Start and end your days with purpose through our morning and evening check-in posts. Join our Planning Power Hours for strategic guidance on monthly planning. Gain insights and motivation from our weekly live sessions featuring ‘Feel Good Friday’ with Barry and ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ with Laura. For times when you need an extra boost, our monthly SOS calls offer personalised support, ensuring you’re never alone on your health journey. This vibrant community is here to support, motivate, and celebrate your successes every step of the way.

Weekly Group Calls

Personal Wellness Centre

Here, you’ll find an extensive array of resources tailored to help you build a strong foundation in our 6 pillars of health. Immerse yourself in a variety of workouts that cater to different fitness levels, explore guided meditations for mental clarity, and with nutritious recipes to elevate your diet. The Hub offers a wealth of knowledge through specialised workshops and comprehensive programs, all aimed at educating and empowering you in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. This dynamic space is your go-to source for information, inspiration, and practical tools to support and enrich your journey towards optimal health and well-being.

The Health Academy

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  • Access to The Hub
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"It is health that is the real wealth,
not pieces of gold and silver"

The only question is

When do you want to start?


We have created RSHA so that everyone can do it. The workouts are for all abilities and all the other programs we have created and run are all lead at your own pace. Our main goal is that we give you bite size, valuable, information packed snippets to help you create your own version of the health and wellbeing. If you do it your way that suits you it won't be difficult or hard to do and follow.  

At present the cost is £24.99 per month that is on average £0.82p per day, which is approx £5.76 per week which is less than some slimming places. Everyone in RSHA cannot believe the value they get for their money. 

As much or as little time as you wish to spend on it. All of this is your pace. This is your RSHA and your experience. We won't lie it won't happen overnight and this could be a journey you take for the rest of your life. We don't encourage people rush it, we want you to learn from it, take one step at a time and take one day at a time and focus on PROGRESS.

You make RSHA yours. This is your journey and you can take part in as much or as little as you like. Some use the FB community, some use The Hub, some use both. Some check in every day, some every so often. Some just like to know we are in their back pocket. It's up to you how you use RSHA make it your own experience to FIT your lifestyle.

We do ask for a min sign up of 6 months just to give this as real good go. You have to really experience this and there is lots for you to do in RSHA to start to build up your own version of health and well-being and this takes time. After that nope not at all. We need 30 days notice that you wish to cancel. We also request that we have a leaving call with you and a reason as to why you want to leave. This is so that we can be responsible coaches and make sure you have a plan of action moving forwards. 

Create a transformation in your life with The Health Academy

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