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Our mission is to help you break this cycle and create a world in which its impossible for anyone to fail with their health and well-being, by exposing the flaws in the weight loss industry blueprints and helping you build pathways to real, sustainable personal transformation.

The people that we coach and mentor are ready to finally take ownership of their health and create their own unique journey of true transformational in a way that’s right for them.

With our strong values of ownership, transformation, positive attitude and community, were here to support and empower you to break the cycle of the numerous weight loss attempts. We have absolute confidence that this is the ONLY program you will ever need to help you move forward and begin living your own happy, fulfilling and healthy life


We see it all too often with people who are successful in different areas of their lives and yet cannot do what they need to do when it comes to being consistent and persistent with their own health and well-being.

Perhaps you can relate or resonate with this?

You are sick and tired of chasing a number on the scales.

You have tried all the quick fix diet brigade offerings, that promise that if you lose weight, you will magically become happy again.

For most, it does not happen because old habits and behaviours come creeping back in which leave you feeling even more like a failure than you did in the first place and you just want to give up!

The problem is most don’t know any other way of losing weight apart from doing the next diet or plan that is advertised to them.


There are a few big reasons as to why most have problems sticking to any diet or training program. It is usually a combination of it being difficult, tedious, there is not enough support, and it does not fit into your life. Most try to shoehorn yourself into it, and sometimes blame the plan or circumstance for not completing it. We are fully aware of why people “fail” and that is what makes what we offer different. Whatever we do it has to stand the test of our 4 part ethos for it being something you can do forever because that is what want to be able to keep doing it.


You can do it on your own, but it’s better if you have consistent support and guidance to answer any questions or problems you may have within a likeminded, like valued community of YOUR kind of people all on the same journey as you.


Don’t be miserable when you are losing weight or getting healthy it won’t work. Make it fun and fulfilling, and you will want to do over and over again. If you can get small wins and see progress each day, it will spur you to keep going.


If you can find your version of health and well-being fun and simple, you are never going to stop. You will simply want to keep #justdoingthedo


Whether it is food, exercise, journaling or meditation, we believe in keeping it simple and integrating it into your lifestyle or else it just won’t work. If it’s too complicated, it won’t happen.


These 2 are more than just health and fitness they look at everything stopping you from achieving your goals, from sleep (did you know that’s important for your health and weightless!!) to water, exercise and getting rid of those mental blocks.

They do mini courses, longer courses, have developed a community that is supportive and like one big family.

If you’ve tried all the latest fad diets and still not where you want to be give Laura and Barry a go, I promise you won’t regret it

Maria Rock Solid Testimonial


Fabulous people who really care about helping people to make a positive change in their life. Non judgemental, supportive and capable of kicking your backside when you need it! They continue to help me on my personal journey and I cannot reccomend them highly enough!

Julie-Ann Rock Solid Testimonial


Absolutely fun knowledgeable caring and supportive can’t say enough good things about these people, highly recommended to help you become yourself 2.0. 5 stars definitely not enough

Vaughan Rock Solid Testimonial


About Rock Solid We are Laura and Barry Ash aka Loz and Baz a husband and wife team and former Police and Prison Officers, who’s passion is making this world a happier and healthier place


We are Laura and Barry Ash aka Loz and Baz a husband and wife team and former Police and Prison Officers, who’s passion is making this world a happier and healthier place.

Rock Solid started up business in June 2013 after Loz was medically retired from the Police Force and since that day we have been inspiring people to take action and realise the importance of good health and well-being.

We have been fortunate enough to have worked with 1000’s of people both within the UK and in the States. We have appeared on radio, in magazines and on TV talking about the importance of looking after our health and wellbeing including topics on mental and physical health.

We have even been fortunate enough to train other PT’s in the fitness industry and also spoken on stage at the UK’s largest fitness Expo BodyPower and being part of the Channel 5 Star TV show “It’s Your Fault I’m Fat” helping a family to get healthy.

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