Stress, worry, confusion, overwhelmed, anxiety and cluttering

thoughts are all things which a business owner and entrepreneur can face in one day!


Do you remember the day that you decided enough was enough and you were going to go it alone. You were going to become your own boss, and you would make the rules. Although you knew it would not be a walk in the park, and it would be hard work, you decided that having your own business would give you a sense of freedom. Never having to answer to anyone, taking breaks and holiday when you wanted and a general feeling of power and glory!

However this is not the case for most entrepreneurs and business owners. Infant instead of a feeling of being free, there is a feeling of being trapped, and confined to a monster of responsibility, and you end up ultimately work FOR the business rather than the business working FOR YOU.

On top of this you notice that week by week, work seems to be creeping into your “free time” and you find yourself saying “Not today honey i have to work” or “I cannot make tonight I have to work”.

As the weeks go by you are consumed with work, and you start to notice that you feel sluggish, tired, and begin to neglect your health. Chasing energy highs with coffee, chocolate, cakes and anything else that will give you that shot of energy.

Exercise is non existent, mainly because “I have not got the time!”. Your waist line starts to expand you start to feel weighty and do not recognise the person staring back at you in the mirror! Where have the years gone!

By now you are probably thinking –

“That is me!!! How do i change this around? How can i be back in control, free, powerful, energetic, and start to turn back the years?”

I would like to share with you 5 tips on how to decrease the amount of stress in your body so that you can start to be more productive, confident and have the kick back in your step, so that you can to begin enjoying life!

1. Delegation – I know, I know – you are saying to yourself now “But no one can do my job better than me” It is exactly this attitude and programming that is killing you and your business. Ideas like getting in a cleaner, hiring a PA to answer your calls, schedule your diary, take care of your invoice and help you wit every day mundane tasks. Can you imagine freeing up at least 1 hour of your day. What would you do with that hour? Play with your kids, take your partner out for a meal? Exercise? Go to the cinema, or EVEN finish work EARLY and enjoy and evening!

2. Exercise – So now that you have freed up some time. It is now time to take care of you. Because at the end of the day if you don’t have your health then your business will not run. Start by taking 30 minutes everyday, preferably in the morning to work out. This can be a walk, a jog, a circuit at home, going to the gym or even practicing some yoga. Exercise (for me) is something that i rely on to be able to switch off from the outside world. While i am in the gym, i can clear my head of everything that is going on. Because when you start to get out of breath, and work your body your brain cannot possibly think of anything else! Some of my most creative and successful ideas have come from JUST AFTER i have exercised. Why? because i have DE-STRESSED and cleared out the toxins!

3. Food – You are what you eat….this could not be more simple. We spend so much of our time chasing our tails that we forget to even eat or drink, and when we do we end up relying on stimulants for energy like coffee, chocolate, red bull and other such products that will give us an INSTANT hit! The key to sustainable and steady energy is eating small meals regularly through out the day. Sticking to the 80/20 rule of 80% good whole foods and 20% other and by getting in all the right nutrients from good whole natural foods will enable you to have energy at your fingertips, you will be able to function at level 100, AND say good bye to afternoon slumps.

4. Breathe – we spend so much of our time sat at our desk or driving, have you ever paid attention to your breathing? look at it now, are you shallow breathing or are you taking nice big breaths and engaging your diaphragm. I can bet it is NOT the latter. You see when you do not get enough oxygen into you body and your blood stream things start to switch off. Especially the brain. When you take some deep breaths, long and slow you body awakens. Oxygen flows to every part of your body giving it an energy boost! Give it a go!

5. Time restrains – Give yourself a time limit to work on each project. I schedule my diary every week, and give a certain allotted time to each project. This stops me from wondering thoughts flitting from project to project, putting of the “horrible” jobs, and scrolling on Facebook!!! If you had a heart attack today and the doctor told you that you could on work 3 hours a day, I bet you would start to prioritise your work, and get a lot more done in those 3 hours that you ever would in one week.

These tips are proven and tested by me and our clients. They are essential to you getting back in control, and you starting to be more productive, and live the life you imagined PRE your solo business adventure.

Laura Ash

Rock Solid Coach

Laura 0027

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