Control Freak…how is it hurting your waistline and business.

We have all heard the term “control freak” banded about. Some of you may have even labeled yourself a “control freak”, some of you may even be PROUD to be referred to, or see yourself as a “control freak”. I’m in charge, I’m in the driving seat. I know my destiny and I am going after it! Full steam ahead.

Some favourite sayings of a control freak may be…

“No one can do it better than me”

“If you want a job doing….do it yourself!”

Well EXCUSE ME!!! I did not realise that you were so perfect…..sorry, I’m just kidding. I could not resist.

As with everything in life there has to be a balance, and equilibrium to everything. Good and bad, ying and yang, male and female, black and white.

However had you ever given a thought to how your obsession with control is actually damaging your health, your business, your relationships and you as a person?

“I admit that I, myself WAS a massive control freak. No one could do it better than me, I was the only person for the job. If i did not do it then it would not work. I paid a huge price for this….my health. I became very ill, and very depressed very quickly. Stuck in a downward pull of quicksand, overwhelmed and stressed. My relationships, health and business started to suffer because i could not let go. Afraid that if i did everything would go to pot, i would lose everything.”

Luckily i became aware of it and managed to take some steps to be able to reverse my controlling nature. Now, i’m not saying that i am 100% perfect all the time BUT what i am saying is that i have taken control of the decision to stop taking control, and since that day i feel free, and do you know what, there have been no disasters that i imagined.

I wanted to share with you some of the tips and tricks that i have found to work for myself and my clients to help you take back the control and set yourself free…..

1. Cleaner – This was one of the first actions I did. I hired a cleaner to help out in the house. Now you may not want to hire a cleaner, you could have someone come in an do your ironing, or take the dog for a walk. Just by taking the step to get someone in to be able to look after some domestic chores takes a lot of pressure off. Especially if you are someone who is anal about your home being spik and span it’ a real challenge, but a satisfying one. Especially for someone like me with OCD.

2. Virtual Assistant – get someone to help you with the mundane office admin. Things that in all seriousness can be done by someone else. Invoicing, quotes, emails, these sorts of things. Another professional. There are lots of good virtual PA’s out there nowadays who are trained and it is their profession to sweat the small details for you. Just make sure when you start working with your new Virtual PA that you are both clear on your outcomes and set a standard of work which must be adhered to. They will be used to it, it is what they do after all.

3. Diary Management – if you are feeling like you want to do the extreme sports of letting go of your control, give your diary to you virtual PA. Tell them the times you want to work and get them to schedule in your week for you around the allotted times you have suggested.  By allowing someone else to take care of this time consuming task this will free you up to be able to focus on the bigger project which need your time.

4. Coach – Hire a coach to keep you accountable to your actions. Someone who will encourage you to push the limits of your boundaries. Someone who will get you to push a little further out of your comfort zone and not let you off the hook until you have achieved that next level.

5. Workout – Take some time out for you and let go of having to control your work atmosphere. Learn that being away from the office for 1-2 hours will not kill your business or lose you that big contract. Chances are that if you work in an office, and are always available to your management or staff, they will always rely on you and take you for granted. However if you are not there once in a while they will begin to appreciate you so much more when you are there. The other plus to this tip is by getting out of the office and working out, while you are perspiring and getting out of breath your brain will not wanting to be thinking of those reports or meetings, because it will be focusing on YOU and pumping blood to all the muscles and organs to keep you active and in motion. Your brain will forget about what is going on ,or, what will be going on and will start to focus on the present moment….the one thing you CAN control.

Start to take the step in creating a little more freedom in your life and let go of the control little by little.



Laura Ash

Rock Solid Coach

Laura 0027

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