Why should I “LIFT”?


We hear a lot in the media both in news and social that it is good for us to “lift”.

There is a multitude of information out there and sometime it is hard to decipher from the information that will help you and the information, which is just pure “chat”.


We have put together our, no fuss, easy to read and remember TOP 5 REASONS WHY you should “lift”

  1. Body Composition – By lifting weight you are not just getting stronger, you are actually changing your body composition (in simple terms the muscle to fat ratio) Then greater the amount of lean tissue (muscle) you have, the more efficient you are at staying lean. This is because lean tissue requires more energy than fat does.
  1. It’s a Shape Changer – Weight lifting changes our body shape….period. If you are a cardio King or Queen and all you do is cardio, you will decrease your fat BUT you will have a slightly flatter appearance in your physique and will not be as firm (we have to note there that remember looking like a stick is not sexy). Weight training will give you all the curves in all the right places because it will help to give your physique a firmer appearance and better shape overall. Females by doing squats you will get that lovely round and lifted beach bum and guys by working your shoulders, and back will help with that V tapper your after. Your shape will completely change! Your shadow will look completely different.
  1. Health Benefits – Having said this there is more that just aesthetics benefits to lifting weights. By incorporating weight training into your workouts you will also decrease the risk of osteoporosis (soft bones). This is due to the way weight training helps with increasing bone density. On top of this it will also increases your joint strength, so you will have better support in your body.
  1. Mental Capacity – As you see your body and shape changing and inevitably your strength increases, you will want to start to push yourself harder to reach that next goal in the gym. Now this is where the magic happens because this then spills over into your personal life and your work life as your confidence grows so do your goals and expectations. Your ability to deal with stress effectively will improve to. You get this CAN DO WIIL TRY attitude. You will be unstoppable! A warrior in the gym and out!
  1. More of of life! – Other benefits from weight training will be found in your every day tasks, as they will become easier. Getting in and out for the chair to gardening and playing with the kids. Things that before you took for granted. This is because weight training will increase your muscle’s strength and endurance, make you more aware of your body and the space around it, ergo you will have better coordination and great energy levels.

Barry Ash

Rock Solid Coach

Baz Sign off

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