Crave or not to Crave…That is the QUESTION…

Do you find yourself reaching for that extra biscuit or

savoury treat in moments of stress or frustration that you KNOW will set you back?….

One key part to constant and sustainable weight loss, is consistency and persistency.

It one of our Rock Solid Principles we like to call the 80/20 rule. 80% good, whole food,

which may be for example eating well the whole week with good whole foods and then

at the weekend at meal out or a chocolate or savoury snack.

I don’t care who you are, your level of fitness, your level of healthy eating or the strength in your body there is ALWAYS a time in your life when you will be tempted by certain foods and drink.

Be it Alcohol with friends, sweet treats, or savoury. Apple Pie, Croissant, wine, chocolate, custard tarts, doughnuts, crisps, fudge cake, ice cream, and the list goes on….are you drooling yet? Have I made you hungry?

These are what we call TRAGIC foods, and there is actually nothing WRONG with TRAGIC FOODS….BUT what can be dangerous about the is the quantities that we consume them in.

Does this make sense to you? Is it ringing a few bells?

We wanted to share something with you which we learned from our dear Vocal Coach – Anthony Wade – AKA Dr Voice. One of the dearest, most magical persons we have ever had the pleasure to meet. He shared this acronym with us and we have adapted it to this very situation to help you in that moment of “weakness” when you KNOW you should not be reaching for that TRAGIC food…

ADDACUM is an acronym which will break down this thought process for you and give you a better understanding and a better chance of your gaining back your control….let me explain.


Things get stressful, you get lonely, you have a good day, the kids are playing up, your boss is riding your back, or you are just tired. All things which trigger a thought in your head “I deserve this….”. You know that you DON’T actually need it and that it will NOT solve the problem. You become AWARE if your situation and what is about to happen.


This is the moment, that you DESIRE the TRAGIC food. It come from the latin Desiderate – to wish or long for, crave or want.


NOW this is the MAGIC moment, the moment when you have the OPPORTUNITY to change your thought process. Let’s imagine you come to a cross road. Close your eyes and imagine this in front of you now. You are looking at both paths, the one with he TRAGIC food and the one without. What do they look like? Can you see a clear distinction between them both? This is the moment when you DECIDE which path you want to go down….


Based on your DECISION which ACTION did you take? Which path did you DECIDE to go down? The TRAGIC path or the other one? What you have to understand is at this point the DESIRE will not stay for long. The key out of this is to draw your FOCUS AND ATTENTION to something else. This ACTION could be a walk, reading, eating a healthy snack, sit ups, push ups, squats, jumping up and down. Something to CHANGE YOUR FOCUS.


You came a COMMITMENT either to eat the TRAGIC food in this moment or to take ACTION to kerb your DESIRE. Whatever you chose you are now COMMITTED in your DECISION.


IF you DECIDE to go down the TRAGIC route, then this is when things can bemuse tricky for you in future occasions. You have subconsciously told yourself that when things get stressful, you get lonely, you have a good day, the kids are playing up, your boss is riding your back, or you are tired, you will DESIRE some TRAGIC food. This is when things become and form a HABIT. you will cycle through the same thought process because that is how YOU have CHOSEN to behave when you make that DECISION to react.

HOWEVER this MOMENTUM can be changed. You can gain MOMENTUM in your favour, by changing your DECISION and over writing any previous programming when you are put under pressure.

ADDUCE can be used for any process, but we found that this was something that worked for our clients. The process to be able to break down this moment, helped them to make better DECISIONS after their AWARENESS.


Laura Ash

Rock Solid Coach

Laura 0027


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