No 1 Tip On How To Coach Yourself To Weight Loss

Most of us can seem to help out a friend with advice but how comes we cannot help ourselves out? Why can we dish it but not seem to apply it to ourselves? In this blog I am going to tell you why and how to take your own advice and become your own coach. We always

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3 Tips For Weight Loss Motivation

Without motivation, you are not going anywhere. You are not going to work out, or eat right and you sure as hell are not going to lose weight. I am going to give you our top 3 tips to tap into limitless motivation. However, these tips are not delivered without shirts off OR shall we

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Stubborn fat? Reduce your stress levels!

Belly fat that jiggles, the stubborn last remains but yet your diet is on point, and your fitness levels are good. Your body is starting to reward you for all your effort but still taunts you with the last stubborn bits!   Sound familiar?   You have adopted lots of healthy eating habits and integrated

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9 BEST exercises to get that bikini body you want!

Summer, Sun and Bodies… The sun always brings a desire to us all to get into shape, so we can hold our heads high, show off our shapely arms and scrumptious thighs whilst basking in the sun. Well, I have the perfect 9 home exercises to help you achieve those goals. Apart from the Sun,

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Why CrossFit Is Great For Women

CrossFit are you curious? Is it just for men with shirts off?        No, it is for women too. (Shirts off is optional) I am going to tell you why and also tell you about my beginner experience of Crossfit as a woman. I always wanted to give CrossFit a go but I

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Five Top Tips on Dealing With Bi-Polar

Five Top Tips on Dealing With Bi-Polar   I can feel it now surging through my body; a mania. It is building, and I need to intercept before it goes POP! If like me, you have Bi-Polar and you know what this feels like, this blog may help you today. I am going to tell

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3 Proven Goal Setting Methods for Weight Loss Success

  A tantalising part of life is goals. Goals are everywhere, and they really depict a sign of winning, success and achievement. Usually, they are set at the beginning of a challenge or new year. Setting a goal that is achievable is going to give you one thing. FOCUS and that is key to being

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Is Your Personal Trainer Right For You?

Is your Personal Trainer right for you and your goals?     I was recently reading a news story published by The Times.  An insightful and brilliantly written blog by Peta Bee where she questions:   “Is your online trainer just a rip-off guru?”   In the article which was published on 24th November 2015, she talks

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How having a rest day helps my Bi Polar

With the world being more and more fast paced it is important that we look after our mental health.   How do you do that though when there is so much going on. I am going to give you my biggest tip and real-life experience of this.   I’m currently sat in my hotel room,

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