our story The story of Rock Solid's method and principles come from a mixture of Loz's own personal experience in her quest to manage her mental and physical health and well-being balance


The story of Rock Solid’s method and principles come from a mixture of Loz’s own personal experience in her quest to manage her mental and physical health and well-being, Baz’s 25 plus years in the fitness industry and sitting back and looking at the fitness industry as a whole and asking questions like 

What’s missing, Why do people stop and start, What is the solution, and Why has the fitness industry let so many people down? 

Everything that you read on this website comes from us asking these questions. 

We developed a 5 step mythology to empower people to see where they are getting stuck and how to rationally navigate out of that rut. 

It starts with Acknowledging and Accepting where you are, creating massive Awareness around the situation, taking small Actions that empower you, then making slight Adjustments along the way. These steps have been proven to be a powerful way to ensure that you never stop on your journey to health and happiness. 

The final A in case you were wondering is Accelerate. If you do get stuck, this is where we step in and give you a boost and kick in the right direction to Accelerate you.

Why Are We Different?

Other “weight loss Gurus”



The reason so many fail with their weight loss is because they do not have firm foundations. Our 6 pillars are the foundations that anyone needs to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Without them, your house of health will keep falling down. They are set in a specific order for a reason because most try to run before they can walk.


We don't know many people who function "happily" on little to no sleep; hence it all starts here.

If you have not had enough sleep and are well-rested, you will have an inability to be able to make the right decisions through the day with your food and how you handle the day emotionally. On top of that, you have zero energy for exercising and always have the excuse of “I’m tired” on hand.


Most of us are usually fuelling our day with caffeine and diet/fizzy drinks. Drinking water is something that's low on our list but water can help you to lose weight AND give you more energy if you drink enough of it


Once you have sleep and water ticked off, we can then look at Nutrition. Note we say Nutrition here and NOT food. It's all about how you nourish your body. There are 2 uses for food 1. to fuel our body and the other to enjoy. Looking at nourishment can change the ball game with how you see "food”. We don’t believe in restriction we believe in giving you the power to make the choices that are right for you.


Once you are well-rested, hydrated and nourished, then you can look at exercise. It’s going to be so much more enjoyable when the other things are ticked off. We want you to do exercise that is right for you! Not the beef neck in the gym or the cardio queen YOUR kind that's right for you and your body for whatever situation or circumstance you are in.

Thought Management

There will come to a point where you will need to understand your thoughts and how you tick. Getting to know your innermost tickings can really put you in control. Every action and reaction you make comes from a thought. The only two things we can control is which thoughts we pay attention to and how we react to them.

De Stress Me Time

We spend so much of our time rushing here and there and never give ourselves time to just chill. Our minds and our bodies NEED this downtime, without GUILT! It's essential for us and for our health and wellbeing we encourage lots of this!


I served 10 years as a Police Officer and Counter Terrorism Intel Officer before becoming medically RETIRED in 2013 due to my diagnosis of Bi Polar and OCD.

It was then that myself and Baz started Rock Solid because we knew the devastation that not looking after your health and wellbeing had caused for me we wanted to be able to help others not to fall into the same trap.

For me it’s not just about weight loss. I want to create a world in which people can understand their minds to control their bodies and create what works for them.

After all we are all unique and all of Rock Solid’s methods are born from our own personal experience with mine and Baz’s journey.

For me Health is paramount if we are to live a happy and long life and that’s more than just eating and exercising.

My Motto is – nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it.


As far back as can remember I have had a passion for being healthy, it started with the body but now it’s about the mind as well as the body, as i believe its hard to have one without the other.

I started my working life as a Fitness Instructor sum 25 plus years ago, then in 2004 I joined HM Prison service as a Prison Officer with the intension of becoming a PTI (Physical training Instructor)

I spent the next 10 years teaching Prisoners to be come qualified Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers and Sports Therapist, then in 2013 myself and Loz decided to open Rock Solid

We wanted to create a world where it wasn’t all about weight loss, because there is more to life that just that.

Focusing on just this is so unhealthy and goes against everything I’m passionate about.

My motto is – JUST DO THE DO, don’t try to be perfect just aim for progress

As far back as can remember I have had a passion for being healthy about barry

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