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Freedom365 is our coaching community for people who want to create their own version of health and well-being around our 6 pilars. There are 2 parts to F365.

The Hub which is a library full of resources from recipes, to workouts for all abilities, from mediations, rehab work, to mind growth resources and courses and programs on everything you need to create something that works for you.

The other part is the community where you have the chance to have 2 x daily accountably check ins, take part in Q&A’s, live weekly workouts, 3 x FB lives per week delivered by us and to be part of a community of like minded and like valued people all who want to see you win.

Everything in F365 is aimed at helping you so that you NEVER have to fail at your health and well-being again.


Freedom90 is a 90 day program in which we delve into your internal drivers as to why you cannot be consistent and persistent with your weight loss and health journey by challenging you existing ideas, values and beliefs that you currently have.

F90 will also enable you to challenge your current patterns of behaviour which presently leave you going around in circles.

Through F90’s transformational process you will create new values and beliefs that empower you and give you your own version of health and well-being from the core root of who you really want to be. It’s done by acknowledging, accepting, creating awareness, and taking action and making small adjustment along the way.

What this means for you is total freedom, control, and the confidence to live life on your terms and to re-write your lifestyle in your own way. (for members in F365)

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Personal training work with us


Join us in our personal studio and train with us 1-2-1. People have different reasons for wanting PT with us :


Our Diamond program is bespoke in it’s entirety. The 14 week program is aimed at whatever it is you want to achieve. Be it a complete lifestyle overhaul, a transformation, an education or just a challenge you want to set for yourself.

Over the 14 weeks you will receive from us something that is made just for you and your goals. Nutrition and exercise is planned for you around your goals so you don’t have to think. You will train with us 1-2-1. We also take into account any mental block and berries that you may face along the way with the CONTROL system designed to speak directly to your sub conscious all included in the Diamond Program.

Because of the nature of this program and it’s bespoke nature a consultation would need to take place

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