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Energised Leadership

Obliterate burnout and get back in control. Energised Leadership deals with the three stages of burnout that are affected by your health mentally physically and emotionally with the six pillars of health and well-being. 

This program will enable you to master your energy so you can create a transformation in your health for which the side effects to your relationships, life, business, and career are impactful.

The Health Academy

The Health Academy offers a unique, holistic approach to wellness, combining the rich resources of ‘The Hub’ with the dynamic support of our community.

‘The Hub’ is your personal treasure trove of health resources, offering everything from invigorating workouts and calming meditations to nutritious recipes and enlightening workshops, all designed to fortify your journey across our 6 pillars of health and well-being.

Complementing this, our vibrant community provides an interactive, supportive environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals.

Participate in monthly programs, daily check-ins, and live sessions including ‘Feel Good Friday’ and ‘Wednesday Wisdom’, all while benefiting from the collective wisdom and motivation of a group dedicated to shared growth and well-being.

FREEDOM-365-programme work with us

the Health Academy +

The Rock Solid Academy + is where personalised health and fitness take centre stage. Our unique program offers tailor-made workout plans via a user-friendly app, enabling easy tracking of your fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being.

Experience the convenience of customised routines that suit your home equipment, personal goals, and schedule.

Engage with our expert team through direct messaging and benefit from bi-weekly live coaching calls for progress discussions and community support.

This program is more than just a fitness plan; it’s a comprehensive approach to health, offering education and guidance for sustainable lifestyle changes. 


Join us in our personal studio and train with us 1-2-1. People have different reasons for wanting PT with us :

work with us Personal-training


Our Diamond program is bespoke in it’s entirety. The 14 week program is aimed at whatever it is you want to achieve. Be it a complete lifestyle overhaul, a transformation, an education or just a challenge you want to set for yourself.

Over the 14 weeks you will receive from us something that is made just for you and your goals. Nutrition and exercise is planned for you around your goals so you don’t have to think. You will train with us 1-2-1. We also take into account any mental block and berries that you may face along the way with the CONTROL system designed to speak directly to your sub conscious all included in the Diamond Program.

Because of the nature of this program and it’s bespoke nature a consultation would need to take place

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