As the days grow shorter and the dark mornings and evenings draw in it can be easy to get into the comfort eating zone.

“You can wear your baggy jeans and jumpers because it is no longer summer, you don’t need to bear all.”

BUT The party season is nearly upon us and that means the LBD will be bought out from the back of your wardrobe to be revived for another year of office and social parties leading up to the big day…Christmas day!

“There is no escaping that LBD and its contours. Ok you can mask them with spanks or another tight fitting underwear that makes you feel like a stuffed sausage.”

Giving you stomach pains as it digs in, unable to drink or eat too much in fear of bursting out at the seams just like a Bridget Jones moment.

BUT what you cannot run from is your confidence you will most certainly lack when you are in your LBD.

“You won’t own it, and this stuff shows on the outside, no matter how much you try to escape it or tell yourself in the mirror “YOU GOT THIS”

The dread of walking into a room of other people who all look fabulous and you KNOW there is always that ONE woman, who no matter what she does look amazing even in a potato sack! It makes you sick, it makes you feel crap.

Studies, and our own results have shown from working with clients in October is that it is the perfect time to start to prepare for the Christmas party season. This is because it gives you a good amount of time to be able to shed 1/2 to 1 stone, and tone up if commitment, consistency and percistency are at play.

Studies show that 58% of women will plan to shed lb’s before their Christmas Parties and before the big day! With the “average” weight loss wanting to be around 10lb. Almost a 1/4 of women will buy their party outfit in a size too small for them hoping that they will be able to get into it by the time of the big event.

“So what is a girl to do?”

There are 2 main options – the smart bet OR the health risk…

1. The health risk – the quick fix….you can crash diet.

With all good intentions to start in October you plans you make a start, but 2 days in “life” takes over. Kids are playing up, work gets busy and “things” take priority over you. With time running away you panic 2 weeks out from the Christmas party, starve yourself, or go on a shake diet, the grapefruit or cabbage soup diet to lose the weight quickly. Sure you lose the weight 1/2 stone, and get into your dress! SCORE! WIN WIN! BUT you KNOW it will go back on again straight after PLUS that extra 10%. Square one sound familiar at this point?

You know in yourself that this is an easy way out which will never enable you to be able to swap bad habits for good in the long run. Also you know that this message of fad dieting will not bode well when you are trying to inspire your children to be fit and healthy.

Plus Yo Yo dieting…its a no go for your metabolism. It will slow it down eventually meaning weight loss will be a bitch..period!

Studies have shown that this type of dieting pre christmas leads to 17% of women going back to their pre-diet size once the new year is out of the way.


you can choose to not only lose weight, but to completely change your body composition (explanation for this coming up – it’s a good one! you will love it) AND grow your confidence LONG TERM.

You take control and decide to make a lifestyle change, to keep the weight off once and for all.

2. The smart bet! You make a decision in a moment that you will no longer accept the standards you are currently living at.

It is time for an overhaul, a time to stop yo yo-ing, to stop having to buy lots of different size clothes and to stop the obsession with the scales. You will no longer “diet” you will make a Lifestyle change.

“Im going to let you into a secret now”

The secret to weight loss and KEEPING IT OFF! it is all about changing your body composition (The fat to muscle mass ratio in your body) and your lifestyle.

In brief when you JUST crash diet and do not exercise you will mainly be losing water weight – think of it like a balloon deflating slowly, getting all saggy and shrivelled, this is what is happening inside of you and it shows in your skin. There is nothing underneath to give you shape. BUT when you start to change your body composition the balloon size reduces but stays firm and tight around your sculpted physique. Hey presto! Curves to fit into the LBD! This is because you would have built tone, and firmed up your body through exercise, while feeding it the right nutrients to enable healthy weight loss and body shape change.

Last October we planned to take a few months off in the lead up to Christmas BUT were asked by SO MANY ladies for help over this season to get them into their LBD. They wanted to desperately get into their LBD without sacrificing their health SO we put on an extra special course…..

“6 weeks to get into your LBD.”

“Well it was a hit!!!”

We worked with a small group of 10 incredible ladies who not only wanted to get into their LBD but also to make a start to change their lifestyles so that they could HIT 2015 running with their new years resolutions of never having to look back.

Working with us we had

  • 4 mum’s with young children who worked in offices
  • a lady who is an endometriosis sufferer
  • 2 ladies who worked in offices
  • 3 others who simply had to change.

We have to admit, we usually work with clients for 14 weeks or more, working to change bad habits for good ones, and to embed these into a new healthier learned behaviour. We was not entirely sure that it would “work” over such a short period of time….

“BUT were were proved wrong! and if we are wrong we

don’t mind holding our hands up and admitting that.”

These ladies worked their butts off for the 6 weeks, and some of the breakthroughs were truly amazing. They all followed a healthy eating plan and a workout plan which gave them structure and consistency for the 6 weeks. These ladies trained with weight, ate the RIGHT foods (they did not starve at all) and the added in the right amount of cardio. Along with the motivation, and coaching from us they were able to not just get into their LBD by losing a dress size of 2 BUT also have the confidence that went with it too!

Here are a few short success stories that you may be able to relate to…..

Miss C – Mum of 3 small children, and a Marketing Director at a local firm – from no time and energy to bundles and quality family time – 2 dress sizes down.

Miss C would always come home from work exhausted, after a long day. After she put the kids to bed at 1930 she would finally sit down on the sofa with her husband, but she would be asleep in 1/2 hr. Meaning she could spend no time with her partner at all. The main thing with Miss C was that she lacked the energy and drive to do anything. She hardly even had time to workout. After 1 week on the new meal plan, she has so much energy that she was able to workout after work AND also be able to stay awake and enjoy a quiet evening after the kids had been put to bed. She lost 10lb’s 36.5cm and 1.6% body fat in just 6 weeks!

Miss W – mum of 1, working full time in a busy office – from non believer to believer – Body composition changed!

She had tried to diet and lose weight. She worked her socks off in the gym but saw no progress at all. Fed up she was starting to lose faith in herself and if she could actually get into a dress size down. It seemed a mystical fallacy. Within one week of being on her plan she noticed that her clothes were feeling a lot loser. With this motivation she just had to keep going. Now being able to feel the benefits of eating RIGHT and working out RIGHT she finally felt like she was given a break. She lost 2lb 32cm and 1.6% body fat.

Miss S – A single lady, grandma and mother with older children who workout out everyday – from plateau hell to plateau smasher – lost 1 dress size and lost a muffin top!

She got to a plateau and did not know how to move things forwards. She was eating right, she was working out every day, she just became STUCK and could not move any further forwards. With a few tweeks, accountability and structure put in place the scales started to fall and her clothes became a lot looser on her. Overwhelmed by the results she was spurred on to smash her plateau. Previously sporting a muffin top that would JUST NOT GO after the 6 weeks her work trouser HAD to be changed for a size smaller.

Miss Z – Single lady with a high powered job and endometriosis sufferer – from no power to power princess – lost one dress size.

Having this condition can make it very hard for anyone to lose weight. The scales can be very deceptive especially due to the internal swelling the condition brings. Miss Z had lost weight before and put it back on again and she was at a sticking point in her lifestyle where she could not get anything moving at all. She asked for help. She wanted to move forwards. Miss Z had to have a little extra care when it came to her food due to certain foods causing problems for her health. These food were quickly identified and expelled from her diet. She started to workout and saw her condition as her superpower and started to embrace who she is. By the end of the 6 weeks she was glowing, had more energy and was in a considerable less pain. The compliments flowed in!

“All 4 of these ladies managed to lose a dress size in 6 weeks. But they got more than that….”

they got an education into the U plan. The EdUcational plan into what works for YOU! Nutrition, mindset, exercise all things that worked for them. Not something they got out of a book and tried and then gave up on because it just did not work for them. They learned about how their bodies worked how they responded to the right food, exercise and mind set. They made it all about their lifestyle.

BTW….FYI….They all chose option number 2…option 1 is NOW a thing of the past, christmas, holiday, weddings, christening, birthday outfits are now ALL taken care of! They look fab and feel amazing in ANYTHING!











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