#37 Claire Mackaness its all gone arty Crafty today

  Hobbies seem to be a dying thing in the modern world with work and family life taking over we never seem to find time for ourselves and REST We seem to have lost OURSELVES and what we ENJOY in the pursue of just DOING daily life We always advocate having a hobby of some

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#36 Andy Lopata Talks about being Vulnerable

  Asking for help can seem to be one of the hardest things to do at times ‍♀️ We keep quiet and just get on with it, struggling along in silence There is some sort of stigma that says we must “just carry on” and that “you got yourself into this you get yourself out

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#35 Patrick Rea The Master of Meditation

Patrick Rea who is leading London’s BIGGEST Meditation Community right now, which is a pretty epic thing – we always bring you guys the best! Right now the Meditation scene is HUGE and even more so people are telling us “Dude you should meditate” But what IS meditation Why should we be doing it HOW

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#34 Christie Alkin aka Miss Motivation

  It’s already happening, the motivation train is coming to a stop. It was all shiny and new this whole working out at home but as the days have gone on it’s just been put in the back of the wardrobe like those old flares from the 1970s that seemed were a good buy at

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#33 Lizi Gambell The unschooled life

Lizi has been homeschooling her children since day dot and she is going to come and talk to us and give us her top tips for helping YOU stay emotionally well balanced during this time Because if you cannot do that no homeschooling will happen! PLUS she is going to share her passionate views on

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#30 Whats the benefits of Vitamin D

http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/632680320-fitmindproject-vitamin-d-whats-it-benefits-rock-solid-fitmind-project.m4a   This podcast has been taken from our educational videos and in this episode, I talk to you about the benefits of Vitamin D

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#29 Ep3 The Walking Podcast – Fitness/Health Trackers

http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/621464031-fitmindproject-ep-3-the-fitmind-project-walking-podcast-health-trackers.m4a     Fitness/Health trackers are they are friend or foe, today on this walking podcast we discuss this very subject, are you getting hung up on what the numbers are saying, are we getting addicted to the scores. We have mixed ideas about them good or bad whats your thoughts?

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#28 How to get back into Exercise – Rock Solid The Fitmind Project

http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/614122941-fitmindproject-how-to-get-back-into-exercise-rock-solid-the-fitmind-project.m4a   How do you get back to exercise when you have taken a break!? It can be one of the hardest things to do because you feel like you are climbing a mountain again. Everything aches….you start to run before you can walk and then boom you get an injury and the while cycle

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