#28 How to get back into Exercise – Rock Solid The Fitmind Project


How do you get back to exercise when you have taken a break!? It can be one of the hardest things to do because you feel like you are climbing a mountain again. Everything aches….you start to run before you can walk and then boom you get an injury and the while cycle starts again! But what is the best way? Can we just go back and slip into what we were doing before? Or do we need to take things a little slower? How do we make sure that we don’t stop? How do we make sure we get at least something done? I have taken 4 months off of training with my Martial Arts….it can be hard to get back to it once you have had a break. I put together this little story/vlog about this with some extra TIP and HINTS at the end from Baz and I PLUS some extra special loving from Sifu Vik Hothi as he gives his top tips to getting back to training after basically dieing….TO smashing a world record! Join me on my journey on my first day back on the mats and find out what it is like for a seasoned PT and fitness type person. Trust me…it’s not all glamour and easy burpees! So if you struggle to get back to exercise check this out! Massive Love

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