#37 Claire Mackaness its all gone arty Crafty today


Hobbies seem to be a dying thing in the modern world with work and family life taking over we never seem to find time for ourselves and REST

We seem to have lost OURSELVES and what we ENJOY in the pursue of just DOING daily life

We always advocate having a hobby of some sort because it is therapeutic AND you get to be CREATE and more importantly IN the present moment

So we have our very special guest Claire Mackaness from Beautiful Things coming on to chat about

Why it is so important to have a hobby
How it helps our mental state
What kind of craft may be good for you
How to get into it!

Claire is a close friend and a super businesswoman and crafter

You may remember the vlog we did together when we went clothes shopping?

WE LOVE what Claire stands for

She teaches craft & sewing classes for both adults and children from her lovely homely studio in Ingrave as well as internationally via the power of the internet – gotta the tinternet!

She likes nothing more than inspiring people to achieve a sense of personal accomplishment. Beautiful Things allows you to feel nurtured and encouraged to create something from start to finish that you can be eternally proud of.

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