#34 Christie Alkin aka Miss Motivation


It’s already happening, the motivation train is coming to a stop. It was all shiny and new this whole working out at home but as the days have gone on it’s just been put in the back of the wardrobe like those old flares from the 1970s that seemed were a good buy at the time

WELL fear not gang we have a motivation EXPERT Christie coming in to have a chat with us and you about motivation

This woman is PRETTY amazing she has 10 years of qualified experience as an occupational therapist helping people with mental health needs.

She founded Coaching with Christie when she was faced with her own redundancy and she found a calling from that to teach others resilience and the power of mindset in adversity.

She is a personal inspiration to us with what she has achieved with her own motivation to train and we think she is going to blow your sock off with what she has to share

We are going to be chatting about motivation but more specifically

What is it?
Why do we need it?
How can you get it?
And the big one WHY finding the motivation to train at home is difficult??
and of course those obligatory top tips for you all!

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