#25 Loz talks openly about her Body Dysmorphia

http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/609788940-fitmindproject-body-dismorphia-podcast.m4a   My Body Dysmorphia – Rock solid Hi my name is Loz (Laura) and i want to share with you my issues with body Dysmorphia. BDD   In this Vlog i talk about how i see myself and how it makes me feel.   Hope you enjoy   Lx

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Ep 18 Are we any different

In this episode me and loz head off on a road trip to the USA to really see if we are any different to our friends across the water.       http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/529742604-fitmindproject-uk-vs-usa-are-we-any-different.mp3    

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Ep17 Diane Youdale aka Jet from the gladiators

In todays Episode Me & Loz met up with Diane Youdale,  Diane was a household name back ing the 90’s as JET from the TV show The Gladiators. Diane asked me and loz to come to london to be guest on her show Jet Loves. Diane is passionate about health and well-being like loz and

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Ep16 Habits

  This podcast is a little different, Today we are talking to our very own client about Habits.  we have them, some are good and some are not so good, we also look at how we can manage our habits and not let them manage us.  

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Ep 15 Kris Gethin

Well today we have a REAL iron man with us and we are so excited by it! This guest story is not often told and you know us we love a good story. Our guest today went from farmer to hollywood trainer after making the decision to move from wales to LA to pursue his

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Ep 14 Tim Box

In this Episode we will be looking into your mind with our own tutor in Hypnosis Mr Tim Box Well today we have a real treat for you all…………. We have one of our mentors who has agreed to come and talk to you guys and we are very excited about it. Tim Box DipCAH,

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