Ep 13 Kriss Akabusi

Well I think out guest today does not need an introduction he is SUCH a legend already BUT let me jus build that suspense for you guys a little bit! We are joined today by THE ONE THE ONLY Kriss Akabusi MBE! Why did we chase down Kriss and ask him to come and speak

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Ep12 Vik Hothi

This week we are joined by a REAL LIFE SITH LORD Vik Hothi! Vik is a REAL master of martial arts. He has been dedicated to this way of life and art form for over 30 years. There is nothing he does not know! He is one of the UK’s most respected martial artists specialising

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Ep 11 Kathy McCathy

This Episode we will be speaking to Kathy McCathy the Stress Expert. Life can be pretty stressful at times as we never really know or understand the impact of this. It only becomes a problem when we cannot lose weight. Well today we are very very lucky to be joined by Kathy McCarthy who specialises

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Ep10 Baris Agun

On this Episode we would like to introduce to you Baris Agun It is not often that you hear of a guy speak about his mental health least of all depression. Baris has had a very successful life after leaving private schools we went onto the university of London where we studies fine arts. He

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#9 Ep9 Where are you living ?

Where are you living?? Find out where are you living today? Past, present or future? What the difference is and how can being present help to ease our anxietys, depression, feelings of guilt and overwhelm. Well come and find out!  

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#8 Ep8 Audra Starkey

This Episode we will be speaking to Audra Starkey AKA The healthy shift worker. Join us in a chat with Audra Starkey AKA The Healthy Shift Worker as we talk about weight loss and health for shift workers. An interesting and very insightful podcast into how you can take care of your health, lose weight

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#7 Ep7 Simon Harmer

Join us in a chat with a REAL Hero – Simon Harmer. Back in 2009 Simon lost both his legs when an IED went off underneath him. Come and listen to his incredible story of a real hero in the 21st Century. His story is one that will inspire you and also make you laugh.

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#6 Ep6 Cairo Benn

This Episode we speak to Cairo Benn Listen to Cairo tell his story of what it was like Living the dream. Stardom, Tv, Radio & doing what he loved…. to realise it wasn’t as it seemed.  

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#5 Ep5 Kul Mahay

This Episode we talk to Kul Mahay Can you really reinvent yourself after 30 years? Kul did – join us as she shares with you how he changed his identity from 30’s years of being a police officer to being his own boss…plus a confession never heard before!  

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#4 Ep4 Language

In this episode Loz & Baz talk to you about Language What language are you speaking and how do you speak to yourself? Join us as we are going to help you sky rocket your weight loss and happiness with this VERY simple skill.  

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