Why CrossFit Is Great For Women

CrossFit are you curious?

Is it just for men with shirts off?        No, it is for women too. (Shirts off is optional)

I am going to tell you why and also tell you about my beginner experience of Crossfit as a woman. I always wanted to give CrossFit a go but I was worried to do it.

I have seen all the videos and pictures of these buff dudes and women in little hot pants lifting and grunting. It scared me off a bit but my curiosity got the better of me, so I roped my husband (Barry) into coming along with me.

My first experience is for another blog, but I want to focus solely on my experience and why I think Cross if GREAT for women!



Because CrossFit is a minute of high intensity, functional fitness and weight lifting it is a real confidence booster.

Doing moves that you never thought you would with your body for me is a real confidence boost. I feel like when I walk down the street I stand a little taller knowing that I can kill a WOD in the box!

PLUS, when you need to open a jar or lift a box at work DAYM you can totally do that!



For me lifting weight is essential for us ladies. You won’t end up looking like a man at all. Look at me I don’t have a man’s physique.

Lifting will only accentuate your beautiful curves AND also help to strengthen your bones so later on in life it will help the fight against Osteoporosis.




For me, I don’t want to lose weight. I want to burn fat and build a toned physique underneath.

CrossFit is perfect for that. It allows you to work on your strength and muscle tone. Firming up all those wobbly bits whilst burning fat. Because of the way that the workouts are developed it means that you will be burning fat long after you have finished your session.

For me I prefer it much better than sitting on a boring bike, plodding on a treadmill or being on the cross trainer for hours on end. So there you go, these are my main reasons and that is why I do it.

Give it a go, you may be surprised and love it!


L x


If you want some more info check out our Vlog

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In this vlog owner of Great Stour, CrossFit Chase Coles talks to us about the benefits of CrossFit – it’s a good one!

Excuse the camera angle and the shakiness though – we had just finished a WOD (workout of the day)

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