6 step to getting you out of a gigantic rut with your weight loss

We have just taken up Spanish lessons to learn to speak Spanish…..


I have a coach to teach me how to fight….


We have a business coach to help us in our business……


At this point you may be thinking….ok big whoop…just tell me why AM I stuck in a rut!


Perhaps you have been at the same weight for a while now and just bounced about, not able to actually shed the last few lb’s.


Maybe you yo yo with your diet, dip in and out of the gym and are never able to stick at something. It could be that you are stuck in the same job that you have been in forever and want to get out. Perhaps you have your own business and are now stuck in a perpetual wheel of ground hog day chasing the “daily tasks” and not actually getting anything important done.


Maybe, just maybe you are doing this routine…..Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.



So lets look at the most common problem.


Weight loss, being able to keep it off, exercise, being able to stick to a plan no matter what.


Perhaps you say to yourself every month, after catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or a selfie and you say “good god that’s enough I need to change” you start with all good intentions and then something gets in the way and you stop whatever “diet” you are on.


You don’t lose any weight and you blame the program you have been on that

it did not work and that it did nothing for you.

We have news for you….9 times out of 10 it’s not the program that failed you…it’s you.


Let me explain. If you look at any one “diet” or lifestyle change, any program out there they all have one similar thread running through them. 1. structure 2. they tell you what to do. Agree?


Everyone knows HOW to lose weight and get fit. It is not really hard…you eat less and exercise more! Simple hey. Even before shake diets, blood diets, ketosis, 5:2, paleo and the cabbage diet there was balance meals eating whole natural foods.


People have been losing weight way before all of these new diets.


So why do we fall off the wagon and get stuck….with a diet, with business, with your body, relationships, and life!


We have 6 principles as to WHY you are getting stuck. If you apply these principles to ANY part of your life you will make dramatic changes in an instant.


We have been using these principles with our clients for years, this is why we get such good results. We go to the CORE of the issue and blast it out right from the centre.


So here goes out 6 tips to smash your life and get you out of that rut straight away…


1. Comfort Zone

You need to get used to pushing outside of this EVERYDAY. It’s going to feel uncomfortable for sure, and you are going to want to step back inside your comfort zone. But let me ask you this….how does a caterpillar become a butterfly? From pushing his way out of his chrysalis….to blossom and spread it’s wings.


It’s the same thing. Spread your wings and push out of your comfort zone.


2. Fear

Fear comes in many many forms to us, and this is one thing that will keep you where you are. A lot of people in our experience stay where they are because of fear. I’m not going to be good enough, I cannot do it, what if I fail, who will I become, will I be loved, will I fit in. Do you know what FEAR stands for Fascinating Evidence Appearing Real…..a fantasy.

Dance with your fear, don’t let it control you. This is a massive subject and I can guarantee one phone call with us and we will have you challenging your fear.


3. Why

Finding your WHY is one of the most powerful things you can do to propel you forward. Why are you losing weight? To tone up and get fit and healthy….that’s NOT a why. It’s a reason.


That is one sure fire way that when the going gets tough you will let yourself off. Same with business why do you want to make more profits, why do you want to be at the top of Google? why why-why.


We are known as the kings and queens of the why because we ask that of our clients ALL the time. I bet if you are losing weight your TRUE why is because you hate yourself, you cannot stand to look in the mirror and you feel that you have lost connection with your partner because you are ashamed of your body.


4. Goal

Now I’m not just talking about “this week I want to lose 4lb” that’s a statement. Nothing to back it up. One of the most important things we do with our guys is, first of all, to find out their why and then work their goals from that. BUT it is not just as simple as that. For example, someone says they want to lose 2lb in a week, we would ask them, “so how are you going to do that?”. It is the same for business, I want to increase my profits, tie that in with a how and they why and you have an unbreakable contract.


5. Accountability

Now comes to the point why I have enlisted a tutor to help us to learn Spanish. I have wanted to learn another language for AGES probably about 10 years. Have I ever done anything about it…NO..well that’s a lie.


I start with all good intentions and then I flank, things get busy and I forfeit it. That’s why we have 3 coaches, to keep us accountable. They keep us on track and make sure we DO the things we set out to do. They don’t let us off the hook. It’s one of the reasons we have been successful in our business AND as coaches. Just like we don’t let out guys off the hook.


6. Structure

So you have your why, your goal, you’re ready to challenge your comfort zone and have said “Hasta la vista baby” to your fear, and you have an accountability partner. BUT how are you going to make sure that you fit it all in!


Scheduling and creating a structure every single week to ensure that you get it all in! We have our guys schedule EVERYTHING, food, exercise, work, family time the WHOLE shebang. Firstly this means that if it’s written down 9 times out of 10 it’s going to happen PLUS by allotting time to what you need to do means that you will be so much more efficient in getting what needs to be done checked off the list. Heck, we even have people schedule in housework and washing! Allotting time will ensure that you get everything done!



I employed coaches for the same reason that you keep failing.


I want someone to hold me accountable, to push me in what I want to achieve. To push against my comfort zones, and fears, I personally CANNOT be stuck in my life. I want to be 1% better each day. For me this means I can say I have lived life, I have tried everything and also so I myself can be a better coach and serve my clients to the BEST of my ability.


So that’s our top 6 tips for getting success and being able to SMASH whatever it is that you feel you are stuck with.


Just apply these and you cannot go wrong.

Laura Ash

Rock Solid Coach

Laura 0088

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