No 1 Tip On How To Coach Yourself To Weight Loss

Most of us can seem to help out a friend with advice but how comes we cannot help ourselves out? Why can we dish it but not seem to apply it to ourselves? In this blog I am going to tell you why and how to take your own advice and become your own coach.

We always get asked

“I can do it for myself so why can I not do it for me?”

I used to say it too.

It was a question that was asked by one of our Freedom90 ladies the other day (F90 is our 90-day program for people who need to reinvent their lives and rid themselves of old behaviours so they can lose weight and live a happy life free from the burden of the past if you want more details just hit us up)

She said

“I can seem to dish out all the advice and wisdom to my friends but I just cannot seem to apply it to myself, it’s so frustrating!”

Ok, here is the deal on this one and WHY you cannot seem to do it for yourself.

Let’s just slow this one down a look at it for what it really is instead of beating ourselves up for being so “stupid”

Something happens with a friend. One of 2 things happen

  1. You either speak to them immediately AFTER the incident
  2. You sit and chat about it over coffee or some sh*t like that a few days/weeks after

What’s happening at that moment? Analyze this for a moment with me.

You slow it down

You pick apart the pieces

You are talking and chatting it over

You are essentially coaching each other

When that thing was happening to your friend it happened in a split moment! They did not have time to react to it. Just like you when something happens.

That is the same for you, when something happens it happens in a split moment AND if you have not had any coaching on it or chatted about it before, of course, you are going to miss the mark on it.

It’s easy to do the thing, but hard to spot if you are not attuned to it all and aware of it.

Now you understand it on a basic level what’s our big tip to be your own weight loss coach?

How you get around the whole “I can’t seem to do it for myself” is by slowing it down.

Just like you do with your friends






There is a skill in being AWARE of what is going on and identifying it, but that just takes practice like anything.

Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to stop the “thing” that happens.  You are just not aware of the power you have at that moment.

Baz and I do it all the time. We identify something, we sit down and go over it together. Slow time.

Notice it, get your journal out, chat to yourself about it, slow it down, be your own friend.

THEN you will be able to apply your wisdom and advice to yourself


Hope this helps!


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