3 Tips For Weight Loss Motivation

Without motivation, you are not going anywhere. You are not going to work out, or eat right and you sure as hell are not going to lose weight. I am going to give you our top 3 tips to tap into limitless motivation.

However, these tips are not delivered without shirts off OR shall we telling you the top 3 tips to strip fat. SNORE

Let’s dive straight to it then

What is it?


We don’t need to tell you that motivation can be rare as rocking horse poop. We get it! we are human too sometimes we just sit staring at the screen knowing we need to do something but just cannot get the gumption to get going.

So here goes. Use these they will help you.

I also did a FB live on this subject the other week you may want to check it out on our Facebook Page Rock Solid Health

Tip no 1 – Motivated to do what exactly? 

Most people say they want to get motivated.

To do what? anything?

What brush your teeth

Change your pants

Feed the dog?

When we say anything it kind of overwhelms the mind and that is where you go into meltdown. I mean if you need to be motivated to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that’s a pretty big list.

Be SPECIFIC. Pick one thing. Get motivated to

Drink water
Swap out my snacks
Prep today’s food
Get my steps up

Whatever it is be specific then hone in on that one.

Whatever it is be specific then hone in on that one.

Yes it may take longer, but just look at where you are right now. Do it this way and you will get there quicker than just overwhelming yourself and not doing anything.

Tip No 2 – Use someone else’s plan

For me personally, I take myself out of myself and I think what would Brooke Ence or my Sifu Vik do?

They are both highly motivated people who I know put fitness at the top of their list.

Sometimes I can be a bit slapdash with my workouts.

So I ask the question “What would they do?” “How would they answer this?”

Then I start to have some answers rather than asking all the time

“Why can’t I do this, Why can’t I find the motivation for this?”

It bring you out of yourself and into the third person so you can ask a better question.


Tip No 3 – Expectation vs Reality 

We all like to think we will wake up one morning and like magic, we are changed

No more bad habits, no more demotivation. We wake up like Cameron Diaz does in Charlies Angels the first move, in here Spiderman pants dancing.

NO, let’s be realistic here.

I am not saying DON’T reach for the stars, by all means, do it.

BUT be real about what you are expecting of yourself.

If you have not worked out in a while you are not going to be able to run a marathon in one week. Be realistic.

If your a Mum or you work then trying to be like an athlete is not going to happen.

Don’t set yourself up for failure, be realistic.

That may sound a bit sucky, and like I am a party pooper. I don’t mean to come off like that at all.

I am just giving my advice based on the 1000’s of people we have coached in this.


There you go. Hope this helped.

Now go and do the do!


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