Ep12 Vik Hothi

This week we are joined by a REAL LIFE SITH LORD Vik Hothi!

Vik is a REAL master of martial arts. He has been dedicated to this way of life and art form for over 30 years. There is nothing he does not know!

He is one of the UK’s most respected martial artists specialising in Wing Chun. He has been in the competitive arena and on the “streets” having worked as a door supervisor for many years.

He writes for Uncaged MMA magazine and has a regular slot where he talks all things moment and martial arts.

He has his own dojo in Slough – Imas – Vik and his business partner have made this dojo a really special place not only to train your body but your mind.

His stories and knowledge always have us enthralled. When it comes to how the body moves and works, and drawing inner strength from this there is nothing he does not know!

We are so honoured not only to call Vik a friend but a brother from another mother and we are blessed to be part of the Imas family.


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