Why You Gained The Weight You Lost

Losing all the weight and then gaining back on again is one of the most frustrating things when all you want to do is lose it and keep it off. In this blog, I am going to help you understand why this happens so you can make sure you never gain what you have lost ever again.
There is something that our guys believe to be true which in fact is not, and I’ll prove it here today

Many people who have regained the weight they lost always wonder why, and when they pilled it back on

It is like they woke up one morning and poof there it was! 

{{{{{{{{ This is simply not true }}}}}}}}}

Here is why

We have coached and spoken to 1000’s of people, men, and women who have been in the same boat.

For nearly all of the people who come to us, this is not the first rodeo they have ridden the weight loss circuit before

It’s a common thing AND truth be told SOME, not all of the reasons people gain the weight back is because that is the business model of the company or the product people buy into

Can you imagine if a large company just helped you lose weight and that was it? they would lose £££££££££ in revenue

People who want to lose weight are an easy target for them because there is an element of desperation and an element of last chance saloon

(mini rant over  )

When I speak to our guys when they say

“I lost the weight and then they regained it, and I have no idea why? it’s so annoying, why can’t I just keep it off?”

It is a blatant piggy porker, it’s not their fault, I cannot blame them for not knowing.

They just don’t know it because they have not had someone poke at them before in a way we do (in the nicest way of course)

They have just had people say

“Do my thing! BUY NOW!”

My simple question in reply comes in 2 words

“What changed?”


“What changed?”

It is usually followed by them saying

“Something happened”
“I stopped”

BOOM there is your answer

Simple and truthful

They stopped whatever “diet” they were doing
They stopped going to the gym
They stopped doing the do as Baz would say

But try this on for size

How about the only “plan ”you do is the one plan?

The one thing you only ever have to do in your life?

Because with us, you only ever have to do it once

No more diets
No more “fat clubs”
No more tablets
No more 12 weeks or fad things

Just once ☝🏼

Want to know what it is called?

It’s called the “health plan”

It involves

Sleep 💤 getting a good 6-8 hours a night with a regular wake and bedtime
Water 💦 having approx 1.5-2 litres per day of this clear fluid
Food 🍏 not restricting anything, focusing on health. Having a bit of what you want each day, even if it is a Freddo or a cookie
Exercise 🏃🏻‍♀️doing something you enjoy, and that you feel good about doing

That is it

Focus = keeping healthy
Focus = working every day to be a healthy version of you

Simple, satisfying, sustainable 

That is it

That is the truth which I would LOVE for you to embrace today because the truth will set you FREE (could not resist that one)

L x


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