How To Stop Worrying Over Anything

Worry is a cancer of today’s world. It eats us up and spits us out, leaving us a wreck. Is it possible to STOP worrying once and for all.  You can certainly control it and be the prison guard of it, and in this blog, I am going to show you how.

I used to be such a worry wart and would worry about the smallest of things. Especially when it came to what others thought of me.

I know this is not directly linked to weight loss BUT I think that worry is a disease of our time right now and something which consumes a lot of us.

If we take to be true that everything that we do comes from the mind, if it is not all firing on all cylinders then really your not going to get anywhere at all.

Our minds need to become just as strong as our bodies if not stronger. Rock Solid Strong! 😉

This may help you today if you are a worry wart. What I am going to talk about today comes directly from the CONTROL work that we do with our Rock Solid FreedomFighters

(CONTROL is a system that helps to create strong minds by helping our guys get in contact with the most powerful part of the mind, the subconscious to change the way you think, feel or behave)

I used to worry about what others were saying about me. I would be afraid to post on social media in case I would be judged.

I knew I had stuff to say to help, but I was just so worried about how it would come across and if I would offend someone.

BUT then I learned this massive lesson. I actually learned what worry was and why it was there.

“Worry is to ponder without action involved.”

I don’t know anything in life that does not require some sort of action. I don’t know that many people who would do something not to get something back or some feeling back, a good feeling at least anyway?

To ponder without action, that means getting nowhere, and we all want to go somewhere right.

None of us want to go round and round in circles?

Or do you? I know I don’t.

I figured why am I sat here at the keyboard hovering over it, creating all these stories in my head about worry when I could be wiggling my fingers back and forth?

Here was the other sucker punch that further instilled in me that worry was useless

There are only two things to “worry” about in life.

Things you CAN do something about and things you CANNOT do something about.


If you CAN do something about this “thing” then there is no need to ponder without action.

Take action and get to a solution, then there is no need to worry.


If you cannot do something about the “thing” then why worry?

If this thing is out of your control? why worry? what is it achieving?

I heard that worrying is like trying to pay off a debt you will never own.

It does not get you anywhere, it only eats you up inside and leaves you empty.

There are only 2 things you can control in this life. The thoughts you pay attention to and the actions you take from these.


Which to some is comforting because it means they have full control BUT to others who like to be in control of everything for whatever fear it is a daunting thing.

But again that all comes down to making your MIND the strongest asset in your life.

You can probably guess where the story ended, yup I stopped worrying about others and just got on with it.

I cannot control the reactions of others, I could not do anything about it, but what I could do was just to write from the heart.

So there you go!

Hope this helped

L & B

P.S you may find this vlog helpful. We spoke last year at BodyPower and I did a vlog on worrying about what others thought of you. I spoke to some of the leading people in the fitness and CrossFit community about it

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