Why We Should Not Demonise Rest And Have More

Resting or taking time for yourself seems to be a bad thing nowadays. In my opinion, it’s seen as a BAD thing if you have a layin. I don’t believe that to be true and in this blog, I am going to tell you why rest is so important and why we should not feel guilty about it.

There was a time when I would punish myself for needing to rest.

I would compare myself to Baz who can get up at 5am every morning and get into the gym every day.

I would look at other people on the internet in the fitness industry and always see them working out hard.

I have actually run myself into the ground and got really ill and sick because of what I “thought” I was seeing.

>>>>> No pain no gain right! <<<<<<<<

Complete and utter BS! That’s what it is.

I see it all over the place nowadays. We think that to get fit or lose weight you have to rag yourself senseless in the gym, in classes, swimming, on the bike yadda yadda yadda the list goes on.

You know the one I mean, and I get it!

I do feel nowadays rest is demonised.

If you are not “doing” then you are lazy. That feeling is you sit on the sofa that you HAVE to be doing something.

OR you can’t rest until XY and Z are done.

Always busy, always doing.

And TBH I think that is part of our demise when it comes to losing weight and being happy in life.

The constant comparison to our Mums, Grans or the person in the office who just seems to be ON THE GO all the time

The one who looks at you funny when you say you had a sleep on the sofa


[ Whatevs 😉 ]

It is SO SO important to have rest.

To get your sleep

If you are lacking in sleep, you are probably going to be in a bad mood. If you are in a lousy mood, let me ask you this

“What sort of decisions are you going to be making?”

More often than not bad ones. Poor food choices, paranoia, emotionally vulnerable and the list goes on.

You certainly are not going to be up feeling like you want to exercise.

Then you start to hate it because you believe it is hard work. It’s not it is just that you are super tired.

If I don’t feel my energy is up to scratch I won’t train, maybe I’ll just go for a walk

Energy management is so important nowadays because we have all the added pressure of social media and living even busier lives with more and more stimulus going in.

We are not built for that.

I always program in rest days, I still program in sofa time, I always program in extra sleep

If I am tired in the day, then guess what

I commit the ultimate social sin: -0

I sleep!

Yes, sleep! I said, sleep, people!

I even find that I can lose weight when I get better sleep and manage my energy.

We have Rock Solid FreedomFighers on week 1 of F28 lose weight JUST because they get their sleep and rest in order.

Losing weight while sleeping, cool hey!

Don’t allow society to demonise you just because you need rest and your not a machine.

Trust me those people who scoff at rest and say

>>>>> You can sleep when you are dead <<<<<<<

Yeah ok, love! see you in a few months when you are sick and crash and burn

}}}}}} Life is a marathon and not a sprint {{{{{{{{{{

Rest up peeps

Rest up


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