How To Avoid An Internet Weight Loss Scam

With so many fitness companies out on the internet shouting to you BUY OUR THING, how do you know which ones are real and which ones are just going to take your money and run? Leaving you penniless and also leaving your body in bad shape from some stupid pill, or worst off investment into a coaching program where you are let down by the trainer/s because they did not deliver. In this blog today we are going to help you avoid anything like this happening to you.

So how do you avoid a scam? How do you make sure that you don’t get done over?

The other week one of our Rock Solid FreedomFighters admitted that before she signed up to F7 she was a little apprehensive because she thought it was a “scam”

(Freedom7 is our free 7 day online coaching program helping people get motivated and removing the blocks and barriers they have to getting started to losing weight)

This quote from her just makes me laugh so much BUT also she has a valid point

There is a well-known meme on the internet that reads

“Don’t trust everything you see on SM even sugar and salt look the same”

It got me thinking how can you guys avoid this, how can you look and try and spot a scammer?


Here are my top tips for avoiding that

1. Watch them

Go and watch them on video.

Do they have a YouTube account, can you actually SEE them and hear their message?

What do they look like, do you like the sound and look of them. I know that sounds quite superficial but personally, if I can see someone, I can hear them I know they are a real person. I know that they show up, and have gone to the effort to make a video.

Because that takes time and effort to do that. Perhaps they have only done 1 or 2, f that is the case perhaps you need to ask the question.

“How committed is this PT/Person to their audience?”

If they are telling you to do something consistently and persistently and they are clearly not then is that the sort of possible hypocrite you want to work with?


2. Blog?

Do they have a blog? what are they writing about? do they seem real to you?

What are their opinions, what are they writing about?

Now if they don’t have video, perhaps they just have not mastered that yet. So perhaps do they have a regular blog?

So many sites have a blog area BUT no one writes in them, it’s like tumbleweed.

Do they guest blog for someone else? What authority do they have?

Spend some time reading their stuff.

Does it align with you at all?


3. Listen?

Do they have a podcast? can you hear their opinions and listen to their client’s stories?

Can you hear their voice? Have they guest spotted with anyone?

What are they talking about, again like the others above you are looking for proof they actually exist and are an actual person online.

You want to get a real sense of who this person is, what’s the why behind them, and how they may be able to solve your problem.


4. Real Testimonials?

Do they have testimonials that look REAL not shi**t pics that are clearly FAKE

What are people saying about them?

Do their pictures look real? Do their clients have stories to back up what they did with this person?

I always want to hear from other people and what they had to say about working with anyone.

I like, personally to listen to video’s and also read things. I like pictures too.

How recent are the testimonials too? are they really old that people are wearing flares and platforms 😉


5. Google

Do they have any good reviews on google? Google is always an EXCELLENT one to go to to find out more about who you are possibly going to work with

If you Google their names and their company what comes up?

If you Google Laura Ash Rock Solid you will see what I mean

Their history, at least most of it will show up


If you cannot tell all the above is aimed at finding the MOST information about the people you want to work with. You have to get to know who it is you are going to be working with.

Some of our guys spend 1 year watching us before they take the leap. When people ring us up and ask to work with us I always ask them

“Have you spoken to other people?”

I encourage them to do that! They are spending money and putting their lives and minds n the hands of someone, it better be the right person. For us it is a massive privilege that someone does that, so we better be the right match.

For us based on the above we have

1. YouTube account with regular posts CHECK
2. Blog’s with regular checks CHECK
3. Podcast with regular checks CHECK
4. Testimonial pages CHECK
5. Googles reviews with regular updated CHECK

Get to know these people you want to work with

Don’t get done over!



The lady who worried we were a scam, this is what she had to say after that in her comment, she said she

“Thanks, herself for taking a chance on F7 (A it not being an internet scam) which in turn lead me to meeting some gorgeous humans”

What was even better was that someone else replied

“I was thinking this too, when it all began….is it a scam”

P.P. S

One of our Rock Solid FreedomFighters once said to us that there is so much out there and that F7 delivered massive value, unlike other programs, where you have people with big shiny teeth and tans, who promise to deliver but there is no substance

We have substance apparently

Now you may take this that it is a BAD thing but for us, it shows that we have nailed F7 in a certain way

It means that people believe that we have the answer to their problem and they cannot believe that it is

1 It’s free
2 It is simple
3 It only takes 10 minutes per day to do
4 They don’t have to diet or do any kind of exercise
5 It will change their lives

Seems too good to be true

But it is!

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