The simple signs your missing in your body that may help you lose weight and possibly save your life

There is one big trick missing when it comes to weight loss, and that trick is so simple, it is free, in this blog, I am going to show you the power of this simple trick
I admit the picture to this blog looks a bit odd. My feet with my Wonder Woman slippers on

But it does bear a REALLY important message when it comes to weight loss and looking after our bodies

I have kidney disease, it was bought on when I stopped drinking and eating for a period when I was in a bad depression episode with my Bi-Polar

Since that time I have been strict with my water intake and have actually increased my kidney function from 40% to 60% all because of that

But why is this relevant to you and you losing weight

Here is why

I know when I am not properly hydrated because I cannot see my veins in my feet

I have water retention like a b**ch and I know when I am not looking after myself when this happens

Our bodies are always telling us things and giving us little signs that something is not right

But the issue is we ignore them, we push them to the side and don’t even give them the attention they need


You guessed it something BAD happens

We are constantly sick
Our blood pressure goes up
We end up at the diabetes clinic
We have heart problems
We get IBS
We end up on antidepressants
We end up with an anxiety disorder slapped across our medial notes

All things that could well have been swerved IF we had listened to our bodies in the first place

Personally, I believe we don’t know our own bodies, we are just guessing 1/2 the time and taking them for granted

Me included on this one

If we can just open up our hearing, pay a little more attention to what is going on you may find that your health improves 10 fold.

AND if you have a healthy body, you are going to enjoy life more

And wh does not want that?

L & B


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