TOP 3 EASY TIPS to break any habit

They say old habits die hard, like this one

In my time as a Police Officer, you write everything down in a PNB (Pocket Note Book) or Daily Work Book if you are a DC

The date ALWAYS goes at the top and the time always goes by what you are doing. So you can document your day, plus it’s a huge a** covering exercise 

It’s something I have NEVER given up since leaving 6 years ago because it SERVES ME

I like to know where I am at and if I need to look back at anything can get the info right away

HOWEVER, there are some habits with my journal I have given up – like at the end of each line if there is a gap like this one you would draw a line so that nothing can be squeezed at the end

PLUS if you make a mistake you have to cross it out and the write above or by the side of it your Signature and then your force number

*Signature* PC 11985 ASH

THAT habit DOES NOT serve me, I mean it’s quite anal right

BUT it is something that was difficult to give up in the end because it was SO automatic

But I stopped

And that’s the problems with habits, they sometimes seem hard to break because they are just automatic.

So how do you break a habit?

these are my TOP 3 TIP for that.


Spend some time observing your habits, I would give it a week

Look at the good ones and the not so good ones

Be an observer and write them down


Pick a relatively EASY one to BREAK and MAKE that you SOULD purpose to break that habits and replace it with a good one



Be consistent and persistent as working on that new habit

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss the mark on day

Measure it by using ||||||| on a board or using a penny jar/marble jar

Each time you do it put a penny in that jar, each time you don’t put a penny in another jar

This is about making this EASY for you, so easy that you can do it over and over and over again and feel like you are WINNING!

Because that is what we want


Give it a go – let me know how you get on

L x

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