3 Top Tips To Help You Get In The Gym If You Are Lacking Confidence

One of the big problems when going to the gym is just stepping in it for some people

I had it when I started to go to the gym. I only started to work out because I had to pass the test for the police and I had NO clue what I was doing.

I know I needed to get into the gym but there were 3 things, for me anyway that just made me so nervous to go

They were

1. People looking and judging me
2. Not knowing what the equipment does and making a fool of myself
3. Not being able to do the exercises and looking like a wimp

Plus lot’s more I am sure you can imagine

Of course, you don’t need to go to the gym to have a good workout, there are other options

I want to share with you what I have found out AND to help you today if you want to but are too scared to go in

Try this on for size, these are tips we have shared with our 365 group before, plus some of my own things I did to overcome my fear of the gym

(365 is our membership family where our guys get support, guidance, and encouragement to keep doing to the do)

1. People looking at you

There is a misconception that when YOU walk into the gym everyone’s head will turn like in a cartoon

Their eyes will pop out their heads and say


and then roll about laughing

That’s not the case. 

Walk into the gym, go to a piece of cardio equipment, be it bike or cross trainer.

Pick one that overlooks the whole gym

This session is not about a workout but just looking at everyone else in the gym

Look at them and see where their focus is

Who are they looking at, what are they doing

I think you will find that everyone is more interested in what they are doing and how they look to be bothered by you

The meatheads are too busy picking up heavy weights and grunting

The cardio bunnies are too worried about being on their phones

and everyone else is just getting on and mainly worrying about their disappearing underwear

2. Not knowing what the equipment does and making a fool of yourself

Ok so first off you can speak to a PT and ask them what the equipment does

However, if you have a 24 hr gym and no staff then that can be tricky, so try this

Again this is not about a workout at all, pick 4 machines and go and sit on them

Pick a low weight, don’t worry about what it is and just move the machine

Get used to how it moves and how to feels

Do something simple like 3 sets of 10 reps

Nice and easy nice and gentle

We all started in the same place, that is what we all have in common

3. Not being able to do the exercises

Kind of ties in with no 2

Again pick some machines and just go and do something on them

You cannot usually go wrong with machines

Have a play with them, see what they can do

Start off fairly light again do 3 sets of 10 reps

Towards the end of your last few reps you should be putting in some more effort prob about 80-95% if you are new

Find that ratio and stick with that until you build your confidence

I realised why I felt nervous when I looked at it.

The reason why you feel nervous and have no confidence is that you are uncertain of the outcome when you step in the gym

That is all confidence is


So find some certainty in these tips and go into that gym tiger and own it!

L x

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