Ep 15 Kris Gethin

Well today we have a REAL iron man with us and we are so excited by it!

This guest story is not often told and you know us we love a good story.

Our guest today went from farmer to hollywood trainer after making the decision to move from wales to LA to pursue his passion.

Since then he has been unstoppable in his passion which is fitness….he admits that he lives and breathes fitness.

He has a strong work ethic which was in-bread in him from working on the farm and this has served him well in his thriving career in the fitness industry.

He is the creator of the Dramatic Transformation Principe (DTP – which over 93 million have used), has his own line of Gyms, he is the head spokesmodel for bodybuilding.com, has his own supplement line…Kaged Muscle, and has written no less than 6 books.

He has just recently completed a 1/2 Iron Man in 2 hours less than his predicted time….and is 2 months way from a FULL ironman.

Please welcome our guest today…..

Business man, transformation specialist and much more….

Kris Gethin


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