How To Exercise Without Injury Need To Know Advice

Most of us want to exercise because it is something we have to do to lose weight. But if you are new to it are you ruining your body by not exercising right? In this blog, I am going to help you overcome this so you can exercise pain-free and with confidence.


Exercise is difficult for most of us but especially for a beginner or someone who is, to be frank, scared of it. In this blog, I am going to help you get started, avoid injury so you can build your confidence and get moving quickly on your weight loss journey.


Exercise comes in many different forms. Just Google it, you are going to get lots of things from weight training, sporting events, aerobic classes, dance and swimming to name a few, but which one is right for you?


It can get very confusing about what to do and where to start. (link to the video below)


I’ve spent half my life in the fitness industry and coaches 1000’s, it’s not a brag it’s fact. By doing this I can clarify that exercise falls into 3 simple categories, and each category has its specific role.


Before we look at these categories we need to understand what exercise does to our body.


When I ask someone

“What does exercise do for your body?”

The first response is

“It helps us lose weight”

“It builds muscle”


But exercise plays a much bigger role than just weight loss and building muscles. (link to the video below)


Exercise is more than just a physical thing, it plays with the physical and mental aspect of our life. There is no denying the mind-body connection and it has never been so true when it comes to exercise.


Exercise also ranges from distressing to detoxing our bodies too.


Let’s take a look at these 3 categories and how they can help you get going and being better educated in this whole exercise matter.


Category one – Detox

 No, we are not going to sit and drink fennel tea for this one


This is all about simply moving our body with little or no resistance or exertion. It is just simply just moving our limbs around their joints.


Like shoulder rolls, and hip circles for a more PT term “gentle mobility work”. Kind of things you would do with a physio. We are not sweating at all.


Sounds good right?  We can all do that.


What this is actually doing is moving Lymph fluid around the body.


Lymph is our bodies waste disposal system that removes toxins from our body.


Unlike the heart, the Lymphatic system has no pump so it relies on our muscle to move the fluid around the body.


Too much build up of these toxins can show up in the form of fatigue, joint pains, bad mood, and poor skin.


If you are new to exercise I believe we need to start here by simply moving our bodies with these gentle mobility movements.


Here’s why its going make you feel good because we all want to feel good.


By removing those toxins from our body our body will start function better we will have less dis-ease


Which will reduce pain symptoms, thus, in the long run, making your body a better environment to live. If the environment is a good clean one the next two will not happen.

(link to the video below)

Classification Two –  Weight Loss

This is the next level. For our bodies to lose weight we have to burn more calories than we eat (Cals in Cals out) it’s that simple. Or is it.


For us to burn more calories we have to work out/exercise/move our body call it what you like, for a longer period of time.


Now you might be thinking well I will just skip the first one and hit this one, that’s cool if you have exercise experience and have exercised before or you move a lot.


This is part of why most people fail, and why they can’t be consistent with exercise,


Imaging your plug hole in the shower is blocked with hair and other minging stuff. If we keep trying to add more stuff down there, and not unblocking it, the plug hole will soon back up and stop working. It’s going to be a mess.


It is the same with our bodies. If we have too many toxins in our system you are going to feel slow, lethargic, tired and you may even become ill and have trouble shifting it that illness. Colds are usually a good indicator.


When we exercise for an extended period of time our body produces waste/toxins.


Can you see where this is going?


This is why we need to look at the bigger picture other than just exercise for weight loss.


Building these foundations from the bottom up starting with simple movement.


For us to loss weigh we need to be move for a minimum of 30 minutes 4 times per week, (as well as being in a caloric deficit) but like with anything the more you do the more you get.


Or do we?


The fact is yes and no. If we forget the first classification of detoxing the body those toxins will build up and those symptoms will return.

(link to the video below)

Category Three –  Fitness

This is the next level and with this, we need to look at the intensity we are working at. But with intensity comes more waste products, and with more waste products our body becomes more toxic.


For us to improve our fitness levels we need to be stepping out of our comfort zone, this might mean lifting heavier lifting for longer, running faster or running longer, but really all we are doing is putting our body under more stress than it is used to, and by doing this our body has to adapt.


I love this quote. It is Darwin’s theory of survival


“It’s not the fastest or the strongest that survives it’s the most adaptable”


For me, this is the last stage of any exercise and I personally would not expect anyone to be here unless they have a good base level with the first and second classification


So to sum this all up.


Exercise is all about creating the best environment for our body to live and thrive.


By moving our body on a regular basis we can create a magical place free from disease.


Then once we start to lose weight we reduce the stress that is put on our bodily systems thus reducing the number of toxins produced.


Then once we are in this position, we can start to look at the fitness side of exercise, by increasing our fitness levels we are creating a larger environment where we can work in with ease, without releasing large amounts of toxins, thus putting less stress on our bodily systems.


By looking at exercise in this way we find it a much more sustainable way.


At Rock Solid, we follow the 3 s principles firstly it has to be simple. Next, it has to be satisfying for it to be sustainable.


We all know that for us to have a healthy body we need to be continually doing the do.




If you want to know more check out this video I did about this very subject here

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