How To Cope With A Sugar Hangover in 4 Easy Steps

We all know the feeling of eating too much sugar, but how do you recover quickly from it? I am going to show you how in this blog about a real like sugar overdose at the weekend.

We went away at the weekend to spend some time with some close homies

We saw Avengers Endgame (my lips are sealed#dontspoilendgame)

We had 2 late nights

We ate copious amounts of sugar (in which Baz wasted £7.30 of popcorn at the cinema by putting midget gems in with it!!! seriously who does that!)

Oh and a visit to the Slough walk-in centre with a rope burn from doing rope climbs at CrossFit on my leg after the pharmacist said it was infected

Anyway thats by the by today I am

Cannot concentrate

It was an ACE weekend but I am paying for it today. I am not sure what is worse? A hangover from alcohol or a hangover from too much sugar and late nights?

It got me thinking about the fundamentals that I have in place that are SO valuable to me not just for my mental health but my physical one too. These are the things that helped me rid the sugar from my body AND get back up to full speed in no time.

I want to share these with you

1. Sleep

A MUST if you are going to function right.

I am missing about 5 hours of sleep easy from the weekend. We undervalue sleep so much.

If you are tired, you are going to be grumpy, well I am anyway, and when you are in a bad mood you make what kind of decisions?

It’s not going to be good educated ones!

Now you may be busy and don’t find you have the time to make up your sleep, so what do you do instead then? Think about energy management. 
You need to try and conserve your energy, so a high-intensity workout is probably not the best things BUT what does work is this. If you look at your bedtime, you can tweak this
Try and get to bed about 1/4 – 1/2 hr earlier for the rest of the week, this will help make up your sleep deprivation a little bit. It’s not a proven science but it works for me. 
Yes that does mean turning off the TV a little sooner, and perhaps missing a class or something BUT if you have no energy you are going to be pouring from an empty cup.

2. Water

I am drinking plenty more water today to flush out all the crap from my body

Up that water content and get those toxins flushed out your system as soon as you can.
Caffeine will just give you FALSE energy, it’s like going into a shop and trying to buy a sandwich with Mikey Mouse Money from Disneyland, it won’t cut it

3. Food

Sugar is GREAT and I love it (just being honest) but I cannot handle too much

I think I need to attend a Sugar AA meeting or something 

Get some extra leafy greens in to get a boost of vitamins, you could even have a few smoothies too because they are a good way of getting the nutrients in you with a shot of super greens.
It really is as simple as that

4. Exercise

There is NO WAY I am getting in the gym today

It is NOT happening, so I’ll just go for a walk

I have to get my body moving to rid some of these toxins from my body

Also so I don’t feel like I have just slobbed about all day too

Do something, don’t think high intensity think detox, so yoga, walking, stretching, all gentle stuff to get your body back on track
Any more stress is just unnecessary.

All these little things will help me feel better. It is what works for me and it is what works for our Rock Solid FreedomFigthers

All the things we take for granted WHEN in fact we should be putting them at the top of our priority list in that order

Lady Laura Ash – Lady of the House Of Rock Solid Health

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