How I Manage My Bi-Polar and OCD and How You Can Do The Same

Being able to manage our mental and emotional health is a big question nowadays. I have spent the past 20 odd years working on this and one thing I have found helpful is to write stuff down. In this blog I am going to share with you why and how

I always get asked

“How do you cope day to day with the OCD and Bi-Polar?”

Most of us, if we admit it are prisoners to our minds and our thoughts

Most of us are totally out of control when it comes to our actions based on our thoughts

Triggered in an INSTANT to feel

Like a victim

That leads us to

Lash out
Get stroppy
Not be able to sleep
Have racing thoughts

You know exactly what I am talking about

Having a diagnosis of BP and Co-Morbid OCD (really bad OCD) was a big thing back then for me.

The best thing I ever did for my diagnosis was to go to a 32 week course to learn about it

Learn about my triggers, learn about the diagnosis, which helped me to learn about how I work with it all

One big thing you HAVE to do is to take responsibility for it

I have been wreck-less with my diagnosis before and NOT managed ME and that nearly cost me my life, Rock Solid and Baz at one point.

Mental health is something to be taken seriously.

You cannot just be wreck-less with it and just ignore it

You have to face up and deal with it

You have to manage YOU and not the condition


You have to know who you are inside out back to front and upside down!

If you have been given a diagnosis of anything


How do you do that?

Well, I have spent about 20 years perfecting this, that does not mean you have to because I have the formula to that.

Plus being in the po po (Police) for 10 years taught me the magic of writing everything down in case you need to refer to it in a case later on down the line.

I cannot tell you how many times that helped me out of a few sticky situations.

One thing you can start with today?

Journal and listen to yourself

Look at what is happening in you

Write down your thoughts


Most of what is happening is in our heads, and it gets lost OR it plays over and over and over again

We always tell our Rock Solid FreedomFighters to


When it is in black and white (or whatever colour you decide to write in)

You cannot escape it

You start to see who you are and how YOU work

When you get to understand that well that is when you will be able to gain CONTROL and FREEDOM

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always get it right, because mental health is ever changing depending on your circumstances

BUT taking responsibility never changes

Always be writing stuff down

Looking at it, stepping back and seeing it for what it is, rather than the circus that is being played out in your mind


Don’t leave it to chance

If your an emotional eater – write stuff down
If you get anxiety – write stuff down
If you cannot sleep – write stuff down
If you have racing thoughts – write stuff down
If you have low self esteem – write stuff down
If your grieving – write stuff down
If you are angry – write stuff down

Get the picture? now go and get a book and pen and write stuff down, it may help

Lady Laura

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