How an end of year resolution can save your weight loss

We are now drawing ever closer to the end of 2015. Hasn’t it come around quick!


It seems like a flash in the pan, from this time last year.


What are you committed to this year that you can carry forward to next year and beat the New Year Resolution rush or euphoria, you can create that NOW for yourself!


So my biggest question to you is


“What is your END of year resolution”


What is it that you have not quite achieved over the past year? What did you set out to do and just did not quite get there?


New Years Resolutions tend to be throw away comments. Things that we say we would “LIKE” to do, but we forget about them when it comes to January 31st, heck some are even sooner like January 5th!




We see it so often people put off losing weight, each year they make a promise to themselves that they will “get in shape” “be fitter” and “get healthy and toned”, but invariably this all goes to pot once the jaws of “life” take over. The reality is that each year they gain a little more weight, it could be 5lb, 7lb or even a whole stone. Before you know it you are 2 stone heavier than you want to be and you end up wondering…”When did that happen?!”


This extra weight does not just affect your physically but mentally, emotionally and it also hurts your business.


At this point you may not have thought about the implication in those areas, but from over 30 years experience combined let us enlighten you to the true reality of the extra weight you have gained and how it is effecting you.


1. The Summer Holiday 

Booking your summer holiday will initially give you a hit of dopamine as you get excited about it, but then you remember the photos from last year and how much they horrified you. Time to get some more sarongs, and t – shirts this year so you can cover up and not feel ashamed by the pool.


Let’s ignore the problem.





2. You Confidence


You are the centre of bubbliness in the office, the pillar of confidence. Perhaps you own your own business and everyone sees you as the “good ol Dave or Tracey who is always happy no matter what” But what they don’t know is that it is a mask you are wearing, because inside you are just falling to pieces. Your confidence is actually rock bottom, you hate to look at yourself in the mirror and every time you do you grimace. If only they knew the real you.


But let’s ignore the problem.




3. Your clothes


The constant search in the wardrobe for something to wear. It feels like you will hit Narnia if you search any deeper to the back of the closet. You pull out the same old clothes to wear because they hide everything and that makes you feel better. BUT there is that one dress, or jeans, or even trousers or shirt that you would LOVE to get back into. An item of clothing that you once felt really good wearing but now when you try to put it on, you cannot even get it over your head, or your thighs. You feel like a stuffed sausage. Instead of this piece of clothing making you feel amazing, it makes you feel like crap!


But let’s ignore the problem.




4. The arguments with your partner

“But you look great babe”…have you ever heard that one. The thing is you probably do look great to your partner if you have that unconditional love for each other. The fact of the matter is, that they know you are unhappy and they don’t want to be the one to say “Well actually you have gained a bit”. Why would they want to say that! it would just make you feel bad wouldn’t it, and that argument is always going to end in tears. You KNOW they KNOW, and that is where the argument comes from. The fear of actually saying it how it is, to protect your feelings.

But let’s ignore the problem.



5. Intimacy with your partner

This is a big one, and one that comes up time and time again with people we speak to. The fear of having your partner see you naked when you are about to have sex. So what happens, the lights go out, you “do it” under the covers, and hope that it will be over soon, because you cannot bear the way you look. You DON’T feel sexy at all. You would like to wear a lovely, sexy set of underwear, but you know that you will not feel confident in it at all. This is another thing that you both and your partner both know what is happening, but it’s deemed best to just keep your head down, ignore it and carry on hoping that it will all go away…piff paff poof, hey presto and be gone!


But let’s ignore the problem.



When the clock strikes midnight and we rid ourselves of 2015 and welcome in 2016, would you like to be making a decision then about what you are going to do in 2016?


OR are you going to take your destiny into your own hands and make an end of year resolution to beat the clock, and start to change now…


The choice is really UP TO YOU….

Lady Laura Ash


Laura 0027


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