The Superhero UNDER the Suit (How to fill your suit with muscle growth)

Im sure you have all heard the expression

“It takes 3 seconds for someone to judge you”

This assumption is based on physical appearances, how you look. Is you hair groomed, have you had a shave, are your hands dirty, do you smell good, are you wearing a smile, how your clothes fit, are you cute, or are you buff?

First impressions can make even the most powerful and confident person to go weak at the knees when faced with a pressurised situation. But how does it affect the everyday person who works in the city, or in an office. How does it affect the Entrepreneur or even the business owner? How does it affect the skinny guy who already does not feel like a man.

Did you know that almost a quater of men in the UK are walking around wearing ill fitting clothes, which sounds quite impactive BUT when you think about the power that is attached to that feeling, THAT is the game changer.

Studies have shown that wearing a good fitting, clean, crisp cut suit can actually give you more power than you think. It can make you feel EPIC!

It will not only change the way that other people perceive you but it can also change the way you see yourself and the world around you. This is according to a new study which showed that people who wear a sharp fitting, good fitting suit tend to focus on the bigger picture rather than sweat the small stuff.

You have no doubt seen the adverts or films with Brad Pitt, Chris Pine or The Rock when they put on a suit they  OWN the room, they are the boss, they are a MAN! I know you have seen someone like this in a suit and thought….man crush! Hell I have!

BUT this blog is not about how you can go to a tailor and get a clean cut suit…lets face it ANYONE can do that. It would be like Bruce Wayne going out trying to be Batman without the Bat Suit on.

A clean cut suit is just one part of the equation to making you feel like a boss. The other part is how you body fits and feels in the suit. Im taking about where the source of your power comes from. At the end of the day Iron Man is nothing with out Tony Stark.

Most guys who are Ectomorphs; skinny guys who struggle gaining lean muscle, see themselves a mere boys when the look in the mirror. They know they are a man, but the reflection they see just does not compute. No shape, just straight up and down, flat as an iron board. At this point and with this view you may have a good time in the Iron Man suit…..but you will never OWN IT.

An Ectomorph stays super lean and finds it difficult to be able to put on any muscle or weight. Unlike endomorphs who have a high tendency to store fat or a mesomorph who are naturally muscular in structure and are built for power lifting.

You’re not on your own other celebrity Ecoto’s are Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman and Henry Cavil.

We want to be able to offer you 5 practical tips on how to make sure that you OWN your suit. That you fill it like the Hulk, rather than it hanging off your like Tom Hanks younger self at the end credits of the movie “Big”.

The power source should come from your body, your body is the one that will do the walking and the talking. Sure the suit will help to accentuate this, BUT power and strength that you will have from your body – your power source. Your sword of Grayskull.

Can you imagine the power you would feel from being able to fill out a suit?

Looking down and feeing your tie curve over your mighty chest, rather than looking down at a straight line,

Have your shoulder pads fit round solid shoulders, rather your suit hanging off you like a wire coat hanger,

Be able to feel chunky arms in your sleeves rather than it feel like your shirt is a pillow cover in your arms

Be able to feel the shirt wrap around your rounded and full chest and back, without gaping or looking like you are wearing something from an MC Hammer music video

Be able to have strong solid legs to fill your trousers, rather than your trousers feeling like wind socks.

In any case to be able to “fill”out your suit we need to increase muscle size and start to sculpt our bodies, just like a sculptor would with a new project.

There are always disagreements about the best way to increase muscle size but what I have found over the last 20 years working with our clients and on myself is that there is no magic way train to increase size. There are may other factors which you need to look at to help you to “fill out” and “gain”.

1. Food – Now THIS is the fun part! As an Ecto, this is where you can get your revenge. You see to sustain and grow any muscle you are going to have to eat quite a few calories to be able to stand any chance of making big gains. You are going to have to consume more calories that you would “normally”. It is also advisable to eat more often, when we have worked with guys who want to grow muscle we have them eating EVERY 2-3 hours. You need to keep the tank topped up with Ectos, mainly because they tend to have a higher metabolism than any other body type. This means that if you are starving your body, the best energy source would be…yep you guessed it…that lovely juicy muscle that you have worked hard to get. You may have heard the term “dirty bulk” under no circumstances do this. A “dirty bulk” means eating ANYTHING highly calorific is a go go. Yes you will hit your calories BUT you will also stand the chance of putting on FAT. The trick to gaining muscle and staying lean is to eat good whole foods from natural resources. At the end of the day we don’t want the sort of gains on your waist line! Avoid overdoing it on the protein, you don’t actually needs as much as you think you do, it is important to have ample carbs and fats too. Protein is NOT an energy source, fats and carbs are. How do you think you are going to lift all these weight if you have to fuel in the tank!?

2. Consistency – This is not just a 14 weeks process. Sure you can make some good progress in this time, but this task is no sprint, it is a marathon. Be consistent with your training and your eating. Reports and studies suggest that if you work hard, eat right, and train right you can expect to gain approx.. 1-2lb per month (for men). Having an Ecto body shape means that if you don’t keep up your training and eating you will tend to look flat within 1 week. You body does not care if you have had a tough day at the office, or you have had an argument with your partner, it does not even care if you have no energy and “cannot be bothered”. Here is a quick tip for you – have a back up plan, just incase you cannot get to the gym….write a home workout, be it with weight or just body weight to help you stay on top in difficult times. Persistence and consistency is the key!

3. Rest – So we said that you need to be consistent, with your training. Well you also need to be consistent with your rest time too. We are taking about 2 types of rest here. . Numero uno – It is advisable to take 1 complete day off from training to be able to let your body recover. Numero dos – we are talking about sleep. The land of nod. You may not know it but when we sleep our bodies are working away (it truly is an incredable thing). When we sleep we release all sorts of hormones. Two of the most important hormones for muscle growth is….GH – Growth Hormone and Testosterone. These magic makers are both released at certain time of our sleep cycle. For example if you go to bed at 2200 hours and wake at 0600 hours, the greatest amount of GH will be released approx.. 0000-0200 hours. If you cut your sleep time you will be cutting your recovery time and shortening the time that GH and Testosterone is dumped into your body.

4. Failure – “I’m stressed out man” Never a good sentence to say….except in the gym!  We know from the top 3 tips that in order for our bodies to grow muscle we first need to give it the right fuel, rest it and keep consistent and persistant. The fourth part is to be able to “stress” our muscles. To stimulate the muscles to grow they must be put under stress. This stress comes from the resistance training you will do i.e lifting weights, moving steel and pumping iron. To be able to grow a muscle MUST be pushed past what is “normal” for YOU. It is now time to step OUT of your comfort zone, and push until you cannot push anymore with out losing form….and then keep going! If you think about it like this. You complete 3 x set of 10 quite comfortably, your muscle is cool with that, it can handle that – it has not need to grow and adapt and develop. BUT if you push harder and longer till your muscles give out, they will be forced to grow and develop they HAVE to evolve, just like the human species have. Using certain training techniques we are able to push PAST the point to complete and utter muscle failure, while keeping strict form to AVOID injury.

5. Measure – What you can measure you can manage. It can be hard to notice a change in your shape, especially if you are quite hard on yourself. Some don’t even see the change  in the mirror. Why? because you look at yourself ALL the time!!! Because it will be a slow development it can sometime seem that nothing is happening. So what can we do about this…..measure! There are certain ways that we like to use with our clients for example take a tape measure, measure the areas you want to grow, chest, arms, legs, and keep a note of these month on month (remember your in this for the long haul). Another way to buy yourself a t-shirt, shirt of suit which is a little big bigger than you size at present. This is helpful for 2 reasons. Numero uno – use this as an anchor point, use this as your goal. Something to aim towards. Put that item of clothing up in the bedroom, somewhere you will see it day and night. Anchor your motivation to this item, try it on each month and see how it feels. Numero dos – Clothing does not lie! This item will NOT change – you will – you cannot cheat this measure. It s a sure fire way to see yourself getting the right results.

Give yourself 14 weeks initially of consistent and persistent training, eating, resting and measuring. Go buy that suit, make a promise to yourself today that you will not longer accept anything less than this standard. Take charge and step over that line, and be the man that you want to be. No longer accept that you are a boy, look in the mirror and start that change today! Fill your suit with power, confident, appeal and the x factor!

Barry Ash

Rock Solid Coach


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