The One Vital Thing You Are Missing From Your Weight Loss Plan

If you are the sort of person who yo yo diets, or bounces with their weight, there is one vital thing that is missing from your whole plan. It is one thing that no one ever looks at. In fact, it is the last thing, when all else has failed that they look at, and when they do they wish they had discovered it sooner and kick themselves. Today we are going to help you with the biggest most vital piece of that jigsaw puzzle.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to losing weight is we don’t know our bodies or minds

We jump straight into the diet, the meal plan, the training, tracking calories and counting points

But we neglect the behaviour and mindset that we had which got us there in the first place

Because it was not the meal plan or training plan that got you to where you are, it was a set of behaviours that got you there

So why would a diet “fix” that?

Sounds a bit odd right, let me explain

After I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar back in 2009 I went on a quest to understand

WHAT is was

HOW it worked

WHAT happens in each mood swing

I made it my mission to understand the condition so I could manage ME better

The issue with weight loss is that we don’t

A Understand our bodies
B Understand our minds and how they work

This is both physically and mentally

From coaching 1000’s of people we see it all the time. Everyone living in fear, really because they don’t understand what’s really going on.

It is part of our mission to help bring the realism back to the weight loss industry and making it all simple to understand and apply. To help empower others to take back control of their lives

The feelings of being out of control and scared because of

Your weight on the scales – afraid of a number because you don’t understand your bodies weight cycle

Your connection with food – afraid of food controlling you, living in fear of it because you don’t understand how your mind works or even why you have this compilation

What your body is capable of – afraid of overdoing it or hurting yourself because you don’t know how your body works and what is “normal” for the average body

What your body needs to be fed – not knowing what or how your body needs to be fuelled

Anxiety and depression – you are in the dark because you don’t understand why, how or even where it comes from and what these emotions are really there to do

And the list goes on and on and on AND

Especially for the ladies HOW your time of the month works, when it is, the cycle, and how it affects your body and mind

So many of us are going around with blindfolds on trying to stumble our way through the dark of weight loss and the quest to be happy looking externally for the answer

Stepping on the scales and freaking out because the number has gone up, or not moved down quick enough

When really we should be looking INSIDE because that is where all the answers lay

F90 deals with this and really helps our guys get right to the bottom of what is going on



(F90 is our 90 days program aimed at helping people change their beahviours when it comes to losing weight and being happy and healthy, It all starts with F7 though)

Get to know yourself FIRST and then work on the diets and training

You will save yourself a lot of time and worry

L x

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