#45 How to find your inner Beauty with Alysha Badiani


How is it that we can see the beauty in others but when it comes to us we berate, hate, and abuse ourselves.

But We don’t think we are beautiful and we would not even DREAM of saying that we love ourselves

You have to ask, is that right?


is that healthy?

We feel that these needs be put right,

but how can you do that?

Well fear not,  we have an EXPERT in all things beauty

We are excited to announce that Alysha Badiani who is an award-winning author of the book, BeYoutiful You™. Is here to talk to you all about this very subject

Alysha’s book is all about how recognising your beauty is fundamental to living your best life.

Because after being a finalist in a pageant to be Miss India UK 2018, she realised her own lacking self-confidence and self-love.

By going through her own journey,


she realised her purpose in life is to help others with their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth

and to help people to reach a place where they are fully comfortable in their own body.

Her mission in life is to help people reach a place of Unconditional Self-Love,


as with this, she believes we have the power to live a happy, joy-filled, meaningful life.

She believes that we are all amazing and have the power to do incredible things in the world.

Not only is Alysha beautiful but she has the brains to back it all up – she’s one amazing cookie!


By trade, she is a Chartered Accountant


and was head-hunted to become a Lecturer, teaching a range of subjects through ACA, ACCA and CIMA

She is also a Motivational Speaker, Confidence and Transformation Coach as well and after a recent move to Canada she is now managing Childcare Centres in Canada

So you can see she is MORE than qualified to come and speak you guys all about seeing the beauty in yourself and actually having unconditional love yourself

We are going to be asking questions like

Why do we find it hard to see ourselves a beautiful?
Why do we have a hard time loving ourselves?
Why is it easy to love and see the beauty in others and not ourselves?
Why is it important that we do see ourselves as beautiful and love ourselves?
What does it mean and look like to love ourselves unconditionally?

The big ones…
HOW can we get to a point where we love and accept ourselves

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