#44 What it was like getting blown up in Afghanistan with Simon Harmer


How to Find Gratitude in the most difficult of circumstances

There is no way we can go through life and not get ourselves into situations which pull us down and challenge us

and we think that life is happening TO US and that life is against us

Well, what if during those struggles and the hard times we could actually find gratitude for them!?

We could find inspiration in them?

Sounds like a crazy notion right?

WELL, not for our guest this week.

We are so excited to be joined by our good friend and personal inspiration Simon Harmer from www.simonharmer.com.

Simon is joining us to share his impactive and inspiring story.

and how he found gratitude in a situation that most would crumble in

Simon describes himself as a Public Speaker Amputee ♿️ Veteran ‍♂️ Blast Survivor Open Water Swimmer ‍♂️ WIS Advocate

In 1997 he joined the British Army as a Combat Medic, where they taught him to soldier and how to save lives

In 2009 his life changed forever after he received injuries from an explosion from an IED

With help, he rebuilt his life

and Simon threw himself into various challenges all over the world.

Later, he became a volunteer ambassador for several service charities because he wanted to help those in a similar situation as he finds himself in and repays the dept of help he felt he owed.

Now he speaks about his experiences and what he has learned from them.

We are going to be chatting all things adversity and finding the GOOD and being GRATEFUL for the challenges in your life like Simon did

DO NOT miss this it’s going to be one to watch over and over for sure!

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