#46 Looking after your mental health in the workplace with Steve Carr


With lockdown lifting and more and more of us starting to head back out to work


it can be a difficult time which could well be effecting your mental health and overall wellbeing

You may feel anxious about it
You may feel stressed
You may find it difficult getting into the groove after so much time away.

All really important things that need to be considered if and when you get back to work.

and we are so excited and honoured to have someone VERY SPECIAL coming to talk to us this week………



Steve Carr

Steve is a mental health workplace wellbeing and suicide first-aid trainer coming to talk to you guys about elevating this anxiety and stress AND looking at what you can do going back into work to make sure it’s the right type of environment for everyone

We are going to be talking all about


Mental health in the workplace
Why it is so important
Why it’s different from mental health at home

We will be asking questions like


What can we do if we are feeling anxious about going back to work?

How can your workplace support you to make the transition as easy as possible?

What can YOU DO to help your employer and other employees to?

You are going to love Steve not only is he a dear friend to us but he is a real expert in this field.

This is a bit about Steve…..


His dedication to helping others came after multiple childhood traumas and turbulent adulthood wrecked by addictions and mental health problems, leading to numerous suicide attempts.

He emerged a man with a mission to change the world of mental health to ensure no one has to face adversity or challenges alone.

While in recovery, he has chosen to share his story of hope, healing, and transformation,

through national television, radio, significant publications along with several nationally and internationally recognised businesses.

He has met and shared stages with many famous and well know celebrities, including Dame Kelly Holmes, Kristy Gallacher, Russell Brand, Paul Martin, Jonny Benjamin MBE, and Stephanie Cole OBE, as an inspirational speaker.

What has Steve done?


Steve has written many articles, blogs and his work has been recognised by Facebook who credited him with the title of ‘Power Administrator’ for his online mental health peer support group.

He has also co-authored a book on emerging pride after Suicide and worked as an IPS Service Manager integrated within AWP NHS Mental Health Teams.

One of his most significant achievements was walking from one end of Britain to the other with just £100 sleeping rough in a tent for 90 days after being diagnosed with several mental health conditions, raising awareness for both mental health and homelessness.



He wrote a report on his finding and delivered it by hand by personal invitation to David Cameron at number 10 Downing Street

He is qualified in many areas of mental and physical health, including youth and adult mental health first aid, awareness of mental health problems, life coaching, counseling skills, level 4 Suicide First Aid, level 3 personal training and one of only a handful of Suicide First Aid tutors in the country.

His insights and knowledge come from the lived experience of overcoming some of life’s biggest challenges, including several mental health issues.


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