Abdominal Fat 101 – it’s not all it seems

Our abdominal fat area is different to other areas of fat on our body for a few reasons. We will look at 3 today.

For starters did you know that around our abdominal area we have 3 different types of fat, yes 3!!

Lets have a look at the different sorts.

  1. White Adipose Tissue – White Fat – this is the lazy surface fat, and this is the majority of fat which is stored in the human body. Its the most stubborn to get rid of. This is because it does not contain any Mitochondria, which is an energy producing ingredient that helps to facilitate calorie burning in the cells. White Fat is also something which alcohol LOVES as the ethanol from the Alcohol swims in the White Fat cells, causing them to swell. 
  2. Brown Adipose Tissue -or  BAT. When we are born we have more of this tissue and it decreases as we age. This is a very interesting fat because BAT can actually burns calories. BAT unlike White Fat has a large amount of Mitochondria so we are able to burn this off easier than White Fat. This is why it decreased in mass over the years. 
  3. Beige Adipose Tissue – or BATT – also known as Bright Cells. Now the good thing about BATT is that unlike White Fat this can become metabolicly active which means we can burn this off. BATT is predominately White Fat, but the difference is it is trying to be like BAT, again meaning it can be burned off. 

There are scientific studies to look into changing White Fat into BAT so that it can be burned off.. These tests involve the use of several hormones and is in it infancy of testing. 

However we have put together some of our top tips for stubborn fat are:

  1. Get your rest! Abdominal Fat contains twice as much of the stress hormone recptors – cotrisol, so my getting a good nights sleep will help reduce stress levels.
  2. Eat your protein first. Protein has  higher thermogentic properties than any of the other macro nutrients. So eating your Protein first will get your metabolic fire burning.
  3. Skip the Alcohol – as we mentioned White Fat swims in ethanol contained in Alcohol. and causes the White Fat Cells to swell. 1 -2 drinks per week can set you back by 1 week in progress. 
  4. Eat ONE meal at the same time each day. Scientific studies show that people who ate at least one meal the same time every day had a positive effect on their weight loss due to their sarcadium rhythm. 
  5. Natural fat burners include, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, chillies, and caffeine. sprinkle these on your dinner or breakfast.
  6. Do you 100 abs every day!!!!!!


Laura Ash

Rock Solid Coach

Laura 0088


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