3 Things You Need To Know To Stop Falling On and Off The Weight Loss Wagon

We have all been there where we have said: “I fell off the wagon!” But what is the blueprint to NOT falling off the proverbial wagon and getting frustrated with yourself? In this blog, I will help you discover the 3 things you need to know to stop this happening ever again so you can enjoy the ride on the wagon.

Yesterday was a FIRST in history for me and also a special day because it marked our 50th CrossFit session since last May when we started AND WHAT a 50th to land on.

Yesterday was the FIRST workout of the CrossFit Game Open. What is that and why should you give a sh*t about it?

When it comes to “sport” and “working out” I have never been one to be competitive, partly because maybe I don’t have much faith in my abilities because I have never seen myself as being a “sporty” type or even a “fittie” cause I never did any sport at school.

Truth be told the only reason I got involved with working out was that I had to pass the police fitness test, which I failed the first time around, cause I was not strong enough (you know that I smashed the 2nd attempt or else I would not have spent 10 years as a bobby!)

The CrossFit Open is a competition (yup I said competition) where you can throw your name in a hat and compete against anyone in the world, anyone in your box, and anyone in your age bracket OR against yourself.

I decided to enter with trepidation BUT knowing that I wanted to see what I was capable of and to also highlight areas which I need help on and to grow in.

Yeah, you can go to a CrossFit session and work hard BUT working and knowing you are going to be scored somehow puts another type of rocket up your ass!

The first workout was 19 wall balls (you can see me doing these in the video link below) aim of this is to squat down, throw the 6kg ball at the wall, make the ball have contact with the wall and then catch it again and go back into a squat FOLLOWED by a 19 calorie row.

You then repeat this for 15 minutes until the timer runs out then you score will be how many rounds and reps you did.

I have already uncovered a massive flaw in wall balls. I missed 16 wall balls in the end, and that’s a lot when your up against it.

Am I disappointed? honest truth, maybe a little BUT I now have something to work on and improve for ME no one else but ME!

So why put me through this? A lot of people look at the strangely and say “and you pay to do this!” lol

Why do they say that? I have no idea, maybe jest but maybe because it is just not their cup of tea AND THERE LIES THE KEY TO ALL THIS!

Remember at the start of this EPICLLY long post I said this

What is the blueprint to NOT falling off the proverbial wagon and getting frustrated with yourself?

It’s about 3 things, making it


I find CrossFit simple for me. I turn up, the workouts are written and I just get on with it

If the thing you are doing is not simple you will not be able to sustain it because let’s face it none of us really want our lives to be complicated with exercise and food. Life is already complicated enough.

I find it satisfying, I ENJOY IT! for me it is FUN. I like it AND most of all I want to get better, not to lose weight or be the best but to see what my body can do!

If you hate going to the gym, why are you going? Do something you enjoy then you are going to want to do it more.

Cause I got both of those it is sustainable for me.

You have to find your simple and satisfying thing. If you hit both of these square in the fact it will be sustainable.

You just need to break some of the health and fitness rules, and that’s ok by the way.

It may be CrossFit, it may be pole, it may be walking, it may even be a dance class or just 10 minutes on the cross trainer per day or even 1 minute of sit-ups, squats, and push-ups.

Truth be told it does not matter WHAT you do, as long as it is simple and satisfying it WILL be sustainable.

I have another 4 weeks of the open and I am looking forward to every single one of them so I can see where I need to improve and just enjoy embracing new experiences.

I want before I go to give a massive shout out to my Judge Dave and all the other guys and gals at CrossFit Great Stour for their support and love yesterday.


P.S I did a video on it so you can see what it is like doing a CF open! It is purely something I wanted to do to document this occasion for us.

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