We can save you £478 and 30 hours per year RIGHT NOW….

How many of your today bought your lunch? Did you not have the “time” to eat?

Most people and especially Entrepreneurs, Business owners and traveling sales people are always dashing here and dashing there – putting their business and it’s success FIRST, and often not fuelling their bodies right. Rushing for appointments, always moving and never standing still.

Having said all of this….did you go into the supermarket and THINK that you were buying the BEST and most HEALTHIEST choice?

Let me guess…..

  • A wrap
  • Dried Fruit
  • Orange Juice
  • Diet Sodas
  • Sports Drinks
  • Soup
  • something which claims to have low fat or calories
  • OR even better something that looks healthy SOLEY because of the packaging or the “brand’ of it. 

You see you may have gone into the shops with all good intentions with buying something healthy, because your “Watching your weight” 

BUT think about the implications first to your health in reality and then to your pocket….

Bear with us………

You have no idea what the food manufactures have done to that pre packed food firstly to make it last longer on the shelf and secondly make it taste so good. What additives and other ingredients do you think have been placed into the food. How is this effecting your body now, and how will it effect it in the next 1 year? Do you think that you will lose weight and keep it off by just ‘grabbing” something on the go?

So why do you “grab” something on the go? Time is usually the BIGGEST factor with our clients PRE Rock Solid Education. 

Let’s look at little closer……..

The average “meal deal” is approx £3 for a sandwich, crisps and a drink. 

3 x 5 (working days of the week average) = £15 per week…bear with us. This WILL SHOCK YOU….

Now the “time” cost, which to be fair is the most precious thing to a lot of us now a days. 

  1. You have to drive or walk to the supermarket,
  2. Park
  3. Go into the store
  4. Spend time choosing/finding your meal
  5. Queue to pay for it
  6. Then walk or drive back.

I think it is fair to say that this time spent would be at least 20 minutes. YES?

First lets save you some £££££££, as Cuba Gooding Jr would say..


Let just look at a Chicken Wrap for lunch…simple and easy. 

Sainsburys Raw Chicken Breast (460g) £3.30

1 x packet wholemeal wraps £1.00

Large bag of salad £1.50

Total Cost £5.80

Now THAT just there will keep you going ALL WEEK!!! for your wrap

This will give you a whopping saving of £9.20 in a week……….in 1 year that is £478.40!!!!

What would you do with an extra £478!

Now lets look at the time aspect. We said approx 20 minutes for you to get your lunch, because “time” is a factor.

A chicken breast – if cooked on a fat draining grill takes approx 8 minutes. This can be done while you are making you evening meal. 

 To cut it up put it in a wrap and chuck some salad in 5 minutes? So that is 13 minutes in total if you wanted solely for the chicken to cook.

That saves you 7 minutes A DAY

In a year thats 1820 minutes which is 

30 hours (approx) what could you do in 30 FREE hours a year?

Quite a bit I’m imagining. 

So thats £478 and 30 hours SAVED JUST from avoiding the “time” excuse…….

Food for thought…..

Laura Ash

Rock Solid Coach

Laura 0027

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