#47 How to find your inner Leader with Kul Mahay


How to find your inner leader


Sometimes in life, we can often feel that we are being pushed about from pillar to post just existing rather than living


We all want to be strong, focused, and fully in control of whatever life throws at you!


so on today’s episode, we have one amazing person …..Kul Mahay!


Kul served for 32 years in the UK police service, of which two-thirds were spent at the leadership level.


He is the founder of the fastest-growing personal leadership events in the UK, IGNITE YOUR INNER POTENTIAL.

Kul also founded Create and Speak, a very successful intensive public speaker training programme, from which he chooses his speakers for his annual events.

Kul is also the author of the popular book, ‘Smash the Habit,’


which draws on his experience of overcoming long-held habits.

He believes that physical habits are just symptoms of mind habits.

He now coaches, speaks and trains on the art of leadership internationally.


We are going to be chatting to Kul and asking questions like


1. Why do we struggle to find the leader in us?
2. Are we scared of the responsibility of being our own leader?
3. What does emotional intelligence have to do with us being leaders?
4. What are mind habits and how can we change them?

Plus he will be sharing with us some tips on how to be able to STEP UP and TAKE THE LEAD!

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