#40 The art of Resilience with Christie Alkin and Louis Plumridge


I don’t know about you but we feel that our mental capacities are being tested right now

There is so much going on and I don’t know one person who has not been affected by the current situation mentally

This is why we HAD to get this amazing tag team on to speak to you all and share their wonderful experience and knowledge about mental resilience

We are going to be joined by not just ONE person but TWO!! Yes, TWO on Monday, and we could not be more excited!

First up we have someone you all know who we have spoken to before Christie Alkin Christie Victoria she founded Coaching with Christie when she was faced with her own redundancy and she found a calling from that to teach others resilience and the power of mindset in adversity. ❤️

On top of that, she has 10 years of qualified experience as an occupational therapist helping people with mental health needs including mental resilience

I mean who better to chat with you about this than Christie! BUT it does not stop there

Also joining us to make up this DREAM TEAM will be Louis Plumridge of LP Performance is an expert coach within the fitness and elite performance industry. He uses his military experience and my coaching skills, to guide thrill-seekers through a journey to become physically and mentally robust so they can live a life of adventure.

I mean HOW COOL IS THAT! Louis is going to be sharing some of his stories about how he built up his mental resilience and how these experiences are drawing a parallel with what is going on right now

We are going to be looking at

What is mental resilience
Why do we need it
Why can it be difficult to get it
How can we get it
AND WHY it’s so important

PLUS we will be drawing on Christie and Louis’s experience and stories to draw powerful parallels to help you guys

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