#39 Finding your inner Voice and ridding the Negativity with Dr Voice


Did you know that your VOICE is EVERYTHING

It is the sound of who you are and it’s the energy you are putting out into the universe

BUT so many of us have lost our voices and if we do have one they can be full of negativity and hate towards ourselves

The issue is we have no idea the devastation that this is causing to us in our lives

We use our voice everyday but we take it for granted and do not use it to our FULL potential

But how do we change that?

WELLLLL we are UBER excited to bring to you a REAL expert in this field. He is a very good friend and mentor of ours he is the man behind Sam Smith‘s voice, the WORLD’s NUMBER 1 VOCAL transformational COACH – Anthony Wade – Dr Voice.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the one and only @therealdrvoice – Anthony Wade – will be joining us

He has coached Grammy Award winner Sam Smith, and one of his pupils include the BBC’s ‘The Voice’ winner Jermain Jackman and BBC Radio 1 superstar RIKA in the charts.

He is no ordinary singing/vocal trainer, but an expert in removing the mental and emotional blocks preventing people reaching their ultimate life goals in both the singing and speaking voice.

Come and join us if you would like to experience an awakening in your voice with some techniques to take away and try to every day to wake you up to your true sound!

We are going to be asking

Why is the voice the soundtrack to your life and what doe that mean?
Why is negative talk so damaging to us
and why is finding your voice is so important
PLUS how can breathing effect this

This is going to be REALLY FUN and hugely transformational we can FEEL it already!


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