#38 Rushabh Savla, What is pain ?


Pain and injuries are something that can stop us from leading a healthy lifestyle because they can stop us from exercising

BUT can we still exercise when we have pain or injuries

Something that Rushabh is REALLY passionate about and LOVES to talk about so we invited him on to come and speak to you guys about it

We are going to be talking to Rush about

What is the difference between pain and discomfort?
When should we NOT train?
When is it ok to train?
How we can manage pain so we can crack on and MOVE our bodies

Here is a little bit about Rush

Rushabh Savla or ‘Rush’ as everyone calls him is the founder of R&D Physio. Multiple surgeries and injuries threw him into physiotherapy (quite literally).

His personal mission has always been the driving force behind the R&D’s mission to inspire and empower people to push beyond their potential.

He is a golf specialist physiotherapist working with Titleist Performance. Shoulders, Head & Neck injuries are his specialities.

Growing up in Kenya he has always been surrounded by a strong ethos in his community to give back.

His view on helping people is simple – Treat with the intention of curing – not just a quick fix.

So you can see THIS is why we are so excited to have him on with you guys!

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