#42 How to look after your skin in lockdown with Rosanna Shaw


#42 How to look after your skin in lockdown

I don’t know about you but it’s been an age since I visited a beauty salon and we are beginning to look like trolls! lol

With beauty salons still closed, we wanted to get an expert in to come and talk about how you can pamper yourself right now to help you feel better.


We have a special guest on today’s show


We are going to be talking to Rosanna, from Rosanna Shaw who is the owner of Rosanna Shaw Health and Beauty Clinic of Holburn, London

Rosanna has been a Beauty Therapist and Skin specialist for over 25 years. That’s a lot of knowledge and expertise.

Because Rosanna is so passionate about helping people get amazing results from looking after themselves and helps her clients to be knowledgeable about their skin and beauty products giving people the truth behind scientifically proven results.

and she really does believe in natural beauty and enhancing what you have to get you great results with a no-nonsense approach.


We are going to be talking about


Why it is important that we look after our skin especially during the lockdown

Why you may have noticed some changes to your skin during the lockdown


Rosanna will talk you through

How to perform your own mini facial and explain all about masks and serums.

Also, Rosanna is going to give you some tips on how to keep your nails and hands looking fresh until you can get to the salon


If you are missing the salon then this will be for you


It really is not one to be missed ESPECIALLY if you miss the salon right now and are starting to feel a bit rough around the edges,

Rosanna is at the rescue to help you polish up and looking fresher, feeling great and even more beautiful!

So put this one in your diaries and share this with anyone who you THINK could do with hearing this invaluable information

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